Thursday, June 30, 2011

Foot Stool

Quite a difference!  B/W-neutral enough to fit anywhere. Ethel still waiting to hear from you                                

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ethel's long time dream come true!

These beauties belong to Ethel. She just got the wash tub, something she has always yearned for. We got it at the auction. She fought for it, wasn't going to let this one get away. Made the 6 hours we were there worth it.
    Sold to number 85!

That's out bidding number. Then she called and said all the hanging baskets at Colonial Gardens on Hull road are $3.99.
Run ladies they won't last long!
Jesus really knows what He's doing with these flowers, doesn't He? Come close and you can smell the tunnies!
       Breath taking!!!

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

 For some reason I'm into mirrors lately. The before and after don't look much different. But take my word for it, the glaze does give it a lot of depth. You can tell a little better in the close ups.
And remember everything we post is for sale. We'll let you know if it is something we just can't part with.

Ellen your chalkboard table is ready.

After I posted this pic, it made me dizzy looking at it. You too? Then I realized it's upside down. Damn!

Below is a close up before the glaze. They did look good all white. But I couldn't  help myself.     
The glaze is so fun!

See that little yellow triangle. Ethel found those. They are the best thing since sliced bread. They support up to 200 lbs. No more will we have our work stuck to the cardboard. You will see them in a lot of pictures. I am in love with them. 
Like my pretty flowers? Plucked them suckers right out of the back yard.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Jersey Boys

Ethel went to see this show and said she loved it. So off my husband, some dear friends and I go. She was right. As always!   If you haven't seen it, you must go! It was absolutely fantabulous!!  My husband used to sing these songs to me when we were dating, a hundred years ago,  After a night at Capones. Anyone remember that place? Disco Baby! We'd come home, he'd put in his Frankie Valli 8 track, crank up the volume on his dads bar, the one with red velvet inlay and blinking lights to the music, quite sophisticated. And sing at the top of his lungs. His poor mother would come out and yell at him. The whole trailer was vibrating. Yes, I said trailer. And it was in Whites Landing!  But if you go I hope you don't get behind someone like I was behind.  

Something is happening, people are clapping and
      cheering. Someone pleeeease tell me!!!!!!
Can you believe this. 100.00 dollar tickets and I get behind Mr. Magoo. I swear I have never seen a bigger head in all my life. I would lean west on my friend Tevon, don't you love her name. Or to the east on my husband, who was singing. All in all it was a great night.
                                    Great food, Great music, and Great company!
                                                      What more could one want.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rock n Roll

Record collectors look away

 I'm so proud of Ethel. She made these a couple weeks ago, when the temperature was 98 degrees.  Her air conditioner was broke, so her kitchen heated up to 500 degrees by time she finished them. When we get something in our head, we have to do it right then, no matter the condition. We almost threw these records away. Then I was going to sell them in a garage sale. Glad I pulled them back in the garage.                                                                 

Now, they're for sale!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chalk Board Table

                                                                       For Sale
                                                     But you might want the after

The Table is finally finished!

The glaze gives it a nice antique look and hides all the nicks that Topanga put on it.  If you look real hard at the before picture you can see her name. It's really says that!  Wasn't that Cory's girlfriend. She was a short little thing.  And those lips..... Wonder if they are still together.

Raegan asked if I was going to sell the table. Sorry baby, this one has a price tag on it. We can always make another.  I was worried that the chalk wouldn't write smooth since I used a brush, not a roller.  But it works great.  See my Pride and Joy workin it.


 Mabel here, I just finished the mirror. Yes, I painted a gold leaf mirror. Some of you may have liked the before picture, but I had gold there before and as you can see it was kind of boring.  The gold was a little much, as ornate as the frame is. The trim is painted white, so it all ties in.  I love it!  And it was FREE. Makes it twice as nice. This one is a keeper. Couldn't wait to get it in my foyer. 

I painted my ceiling a milk chocolate. I will post some pics of it. I was scared to death. My son and friend, who both have design degrees, told me to do it. It is warm & wonderful. Everyone that sees it just loves it.  Hope you will too! It's the same color I painted my living room walls.
See the little face peeking out in the corner of the mirror.  That is one of the pride and joys in my life. My granddaughter! Grandchildren truly are gifts from God........

I think I need to lose the doily!!      What was I thinking.    But it belonged to Mother!  

Monday, June 6, 2011

Memorial Day Clean Sweep

 Look at all that room! That only means one thing. Time to go junkin' This is what I did on Memorial Day. I love to organize. Try to get it to the ceiling baby!  What, it doesn't look organized to you? I call it ORGANIZED HOARDING.  It took all day, I was exhausted. Ethel had to put in a little family time. It was a holiday after all.  I considered it a work out. Me and my bibs. I love those things, pockets for everything.  I know I look ridiculous in them with my crocs. My kids love to tell everytime I wear them. But I DON'T CARE, they are comfortable. I consider them my weekend wear. HA.  
Just so you know how much room I had, see my car even fits. It's tight but it's in there. Now we have no excuse. GET SOMETHING DONE!!