Saturday, January 26, 2013


I had a nice jewelry box, with all the drawers for earrings, bracelets, and rings.  It stored everything, but I couldn't see everything at once because it was hidden away in the drawers. So I would wear the same thing all the time.
I wanted something I could open and see it all. I know they make the ones that have the mirror on the front. 
I got one for my daughter and loved it. 
But I would never spend
 the 200.00 I spent on that for myself.
I knew I could make my own with a little wood and hooks.

Here is what I came up with.
I had this hall tree with the built in mirror and shelves.
See the white heart behind the light on the left.
That was my Valentines card from Ray one year.
He forgot to get me one and took the cover from the chocolates he got for his mother
 and wrote 
"Happy Valentines Day, I love you" on it.
It's a keeper!

 I figured I'd use it for my jewelry box stand.
Perfect fit in my dressing room in between the lights.

 Next I made a box with some salvage wood 
I purchased for 1.60 at Menards.
I didn't put a back on so that the mirror would be exposed.
That was the only cost for this project.
I had everything else!

 I had these shutters and painted them a green.  
I don't like the color,  I'll change that later.  
I was anxious to complete so just left it.

I sprayed the frame and screwed the shutter to it.
I know they should have been turned around to hide the hinges, but I didn't want the bars that open and close the shutters to be seen.  I just left them.

Added a couple shelves for support. 
And screwed in a bunch of hooks for my chains.
Rushed home to put on the hall tree.
And if you look you can see there is about 4 inches 
of the shelf exposed.
Using only 3 inch depth for the sides kept the door from opening all the way.
It hit the bar on the side.  
I was not happy.
I walked away for my project for about 2 hours.
I realized I needed to make it deeper.
Went back to my shop and found some wood I had already had, and made a new box.
That gave me room to put hooks on the side.
I would not have been able to sleep if 
I hadn't completed it that night.
It was fun arranging all my jewelry.

Here's a view closed. 
I have been wanting to paint my dressing room for some time. This has motivated me.  

I had a couple of chains I hung on the hooks 
and put all my dangle earrings on.
Behind the chains, is a T bar to hold some of my bracelets.
Below the chains, I had an old display 
that was used for the post earrings.
The black background is metal, so magnets will go there.
I have some precious things my children made me when they were younger.

Here's another T bar that's shorter on the top shelf.
Check out the surprised look on the Santa pin my youngest made me for Christmas one year.
 She threatened me if I threw it away. 
You should see some of the jewelry I found.
I was embarrassed!
I'll post it later.

My Troll beads on little dowel rods, with rubber stoppers I got from the plumbing section.
I need to finish off the edge of the wood.

The shelf on the bottom has a clear sewing case Ethel gave me for all my pendants. And the round glass votive,
 houses all the extra backs to my earrings.

And that my friends is my homemade jewelry box.
All I have left to do is the raw edges of the box, 
and a pretty knob.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Saw this method on... 
where else,

But they used denim.  
Thought that might be a little rough on the piggys. 
And I have made a few t-shirt quilts, and can't bare to throw any of the scraps away.  I have drawers full, bags full, and hidden under the bed scraps,
 knowing full well I would use them some day. 

Well today's the day!

I took an old towel. Perfect size for on the side of bed. 
Or bath mat!
I want to do an all white one.

Drew a 1" grid all the way around with a sharpie.
I'm sure you could go in any direction.
But your spacing needs to stay consistent for full coverage.

Dug out the stash. Decided to use OSU colors. 
Or PHS colors.

Stacked and cut 1"x 2" rectangles.

Grabbed what ever color was on top. 
I layered black, grey, red, white, before I cut them.
Then I just piled the little stacks on top of one another..
Center a piece on the line.

Gather it up and just sew!

I followed the measurement on the directions. I think you may be able to cut the pieces a little longer than 2" but you have to keep in mind, you need to see the line to follow. 
The denim may have been a little hard to gather, so it was best at that size. After I completed one time around, I sewed it again, just to secure it.
On my next one I will try to cut the pieces a little longer.

Start in the center seemed to work best.  
There wasn't any bulk in the throat of the machine. 
I just kept sewing in a circular direction.

Instant Gratification!

It feels fantastic on the pigs.
When I get to the end, I will put a backing piece of what every I have on and bind like a quilt.
I'm sure it would be fine without the backing, but I think it will give it a more finished look.

Monday, January 21, 2013


If you remember last year I posted all the bags I had collected from feeding my birds.
Well, I also take care of my squirrels in the winter.

But they are walking on thin ice!

I put their peanuts in this plastic tote, to save myself from going back and forth to the garage.
It was latched down and had two 5lb. weights on top.

I had peanut shells everywhere!
I can't believe they ate threw this container!

They are being punished,
They better remember where they have been hiding all the ones they have already taken.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Some people 
should not be allowed to create.

Beer Can Holder.

OSU should sue!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Felt Farm

Traced and cut out the shapes for these sweet little animals.
They are a little tedious, so I can only do two in an hour.
Hand sew with blanket stitch,  then stuff them.
I can't wait to complete them all. I have about 4 more to do.
Raegan and Hunter are going to love them.



Carrie and Milly


And Bob!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas Present

My Husband got be bungee cords for Christmas.
Wasn't that nice of him?
Sad thing is,
 I look pretty excited about it don't I?

And this is another gift he got me a few years back.
If I remember correctly, it was for my birthday.
Come on Ray, 
dangle a diamond necklace off the handle for crying 
out loud.
He does know me though, I wanted this light.

And the wheel barrel was a gift from my son.
When it's summer, I'm outside. 
Love to work the land!
 I think it's the mexican in me, 
and we are known to be pretty good at landscaping.

My neighbor had of crew of my people 
do a clean up around his yard.
There were like 15 of them, I watched in amazement.  
It was an ant farm, in motion, they were everywhere. 
Two hours later, lickity split, they were gone,
all in one pickup truck.
True story!
Well, maybe not 15....
but there were about 7

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Here is another little project we got into a while before the holiday season. 
Ray insisted on painting the basement we are never in.
And of course we hired it out because of all the rafters.
No, the cost was very reasonable. I just have a hard time paying out, because I'm a DIY kinda a gal.
But I must say, it was quite a transformation.

This is a before.  
Yes those are black walls!
Our son decided he was going to make this his room at one point, and went through his dark phase. 
 Why he only went half way around the room I'll never know.  
But I have to give it to him, he had a vision, 
it had all black and white art work on the walls. 
 It looked rather modern.

Painting crew.
Sad to see the hop scotch I painted on floor for MY children go though.
Ray was more a clean up guy.
Tim the painter is great and very reasonable.
I never had to pick up a thing.

First thing he did was the rafters,
What a difference. 
Then he patched the holes to paint the walls.

Then the floors

The dark hole on the far end 
is a crawl space under the sun room. 
We ended up putting a neon Chief Wahoo light. 
Perfect fit! 
It's in the last photo.
Here's a couple of rockers we had down there. I applied some stain I already had.
 Again, a perfect match for the room.

There is a small half bath.

Love the pipes                

We went to Ollies and got these 2' square carpet pieces. They didn't have enough of the same so, 
I made a quilt on the floor.
God forbid we get any water down there.
 But if we do, all we have to do is remove only what's wet.

Our son brought home his Danish Modern furniture. 
It completely comes apart.
A regular couch would not make the turn to get down the stairs.  
We went and picked out the fabric to recover.
I'll post that project down the road.

This is an area outside the room. Grandbabies took it over. They love playing down there.