Sunday, August 26, 2012

Saving The World One Roll At A Time

Yes I am in a dumpster,
it was full of treasures.
Treasures of wall paper.  
Hundreds upon hundreds of hundreds of rolls.
All in perfect shape.  
I was told the night before and didn't go until the next day. It was filled to the top and I was told that people had been stopping by all day. 
I can't imagine how much was thrown away, 
compared to what was still left.  
My friend Shannon and I went.
 Called Ethel and another friend Linda. 
And started sorting.
It was over whelming! 
We went for ourselves and soon found out we didn't really need any of it.  I think we walked away with about 10 rolls.

Here's Ethel, she had dug herself to the bottom,
 loading boarders into buckets to hand out.
The dumpster was up to the rim when we got there.
We ended up loading a horse trailer to the brim,
 for Habitat for Humanity. Took 2 1/2 hours.
Three of us were in the dumpster handing to the 5 outside.
We volunteered to come back the next night and get the rest.  I received a call from them saying it took them 4 1/2 hours to unload the 3000 plus rolls.  
They didn't have room for any more. 
 But thanked us and said they had already sold some.
We were exhausted and filthy, 
but felt good for contributing. 
to such a worthy cause.

I went back two days later and took a peak in.
 They threw MORE away.
Guess where I'm going tonight?
Habitat make room, here we come!

We also saved a puppy from the pound!
7 week old Shih tzu. 
How could anyone get rid of this sweet little girl.
We found a great home for her!
The new owners had just lost their little Yorkie, 
and now they have a new love.

So the last two days we've been scoring points with Jesus!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Sewing Table

Harriet Husqvarna has a new home!

My machine is not flush with my table and causes a lot of drag. I can't afford one of the expensive ones, where the machine drops down into a hole to be level with the table.

So I made my own.
The whole thing only cost $4.30 for the vinyl, with a coupon of course!

Trace around the machine. 
Cut the hole.

Found some wood stakes in the garage and cut them to the proper height. Screwed them to the base.

I made it larger than the existing table. 
It holds the weight of the fabric while quilting.

Nice and level now.
Can't wait to sew on it!

Now to dress it up a bit.
I was going to paint it, my brother said cover it with fabric.  
I had this in my stash, coordinates with the room.
I have 16 gauge clear vinyl to cover it with, so the fabric glides across. You can also put your pattern instructions under the vinyl, or any special photos.

I'm in love!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sewing Night Surprise!!

Once a month there are 4 of us that get together to eat and sew.  We rotate between 3 houses.  
Hazel, Ethel's daughter made these duct tape little clutches for all of us.  I didn't even know duct tape came in these colors.  And they came with goodies inside. 
 Lip balm and hand lotion, 
and we also got these bracelets she also made. 
What a talent, she is her mothers daughter!

What a sweet heart!
Thank you again Hazel!
Hope you enjoy 6th grade 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Little House On The Prairie

On one of our outings we ran across this sweet little building.  Out in the middle of a corn field. 
We thought this would be the perfect little store for us.
That's in our make believe world of course!

Me being me I went and knocked on the farm house next door to find out about it. 

Like we were really going to do this!

Well it belongs to someone in Clearwater Fl. 
along with 60 some surrounding acres.

It's fun to dream!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Crafter in the Making

The first Monday of the month, Ethel, her daughter, and Raegan and I meet at a church of another quilter friend.
 We work on a quilt that is ONLY costing 5.00 for the whole quilt top. That's another post!
Raegan's other Mimi got her a latch hook rug. 
 I was quite surprised at 5 she was able to master it.  
In she comes with it, in a cute little bag.
Well she saw Ethels daughters tote 
and her mommy had one at home just like it.
She's all ready to go now just like the big girls.
She is going to be upset when I tell her there are no more Mondays for her, school will be starting school soon.
Guess we will have to get together another day.

Little brother looks like he's up to something!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Auction Disappointment

Saturday night Ethel and I decided not to go to the auction.  That decision was made at 10:30 pm. We shouldn't have made that decision when we were tired. 
 I woke up and decided we should go. 
And after her himming and hawing, she was on board. 
 She can't say no.
Well it was a bust, we should have stayed home 
and went to church. 
Or maybe this was God's way of letting us know that.  
The dresser was not a wardrobe in the center like I thought, only the top cubby opened and the rest were regular drawers.  And Ethels piece went for 250.00 or somewhere around there.  Way out of our budget!

Lesson Learned:
Sunday is for Church. 
We Hear and Obey Lord, 
We will be front and center next Sunday!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Auction Pieces

There is an auction today. 
And I shouldn't be going to it, but I am attracted to this piece and don't know why, 
and don't have a spot for it.
But I want it!

I think that's called an addiction!

lt's an odd piece, maybe that's why I like it.
  The little drawers on the side and the wardrobe in the center, 
it's just different.

Here is the piece Ethel wants.  
She doesn't have any where for it either.
Yes we are both addicts.

We'll let you know if we get them.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Thunder Shirt

You have all heard about Gracie being afraid of thunder storms. Well I heard about these thunder shirts,
 made for dogs. 
when wrapped tightly around the dog helps comfort them.  
They are 30 to 40 dollars. 
Sorry Grace, your getting a homemade job. 
Times are tough! 

I finished it right before the storm and put it on her. 
I'll admit I was skeptical, and she looks ridiculous! 
She looks like a tightly wrapped cuban cigar.
But it worked!  I wrapped it very snug around her.
She did pop her head up when the thunder came, 
and went down behind the chair, 
but no more shaking and pacing. 
And I'm 30 dollars richer!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Baby Puffy Quilt

A dear friends daughter is going to have a baby.   
And all is good with the world!  
This news has been a long time waiting.
When she called and told me and I immediately ran up to my studio to make her this quilt. 

 She doesn't know if it is a little boy or girl,
so yellow it is! 

Not the typical baby colors and 
some may not like the black,
but it makes all the colors pop. 
And I'm told black stimulates the baby, 
yea, what ever!

I cut a bunch of squares, top 1" larger than the bottom, these are 5 and 6 inches.
 Sewed three sides together pleating in the center, 
and stuffed them, then finished sewing the last side.

I then played with them, until I was happy with the lay out.

Now it's time to sew them together.
I couldn't wait for this part!

The minky (the fabric with the bumps) fabric gives it the baby look.  
It's like feeling butter.



I think the yellow binding makes it!
That's Grandma holding it up in the background.
It's on it's way to mommy.

on your little bun in the oven

I framed this poem years ago for a customer and have never forgotten it, words to live by when you have children.

Cooking and Cleaning can wait till tomorrow,
Children grow up, we've learned to our sorrow.
So quiet down cob webs, dust go to sleep.
I'm rocking my baby, and babies don't keep.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Lull Lift

This lift has been in my front yard for 6 weeks.
Granted a week and a half it was being used to fix the chimney flashing problem we had.
I called and told him a little lie.
I said vandals were in the neighborhood and were trying to get into it.  Hoping that would light a fire under him.
He did come over and caulked the back part of the house and said no charge since you have had to put up with my  lift.  Said he was trying to find someone to come get it. 
I'm going to start decorating it for the holidays!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fair Time

Thelma and Louise 
along with Cagney and Lacey 
are are on their way to the fair.
All their necessities are packed very neatly for their journey.
My girlfriend sent me this picture right before they left.
Made me crack up, 
stupid chickens,
 act like they really know what's going on.
"Where we going Lacey, what da ya see up there?"

Good Luck Hannah!
Hope you get first place, 
then you can bring them home and 
we can have some chicken noodle soup.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Country Life

We went out to visit family in the country, one of my aunts is having her house demoed.  They are building.  So Raegan, Hunter and I went to check out all the excitement.  
It was just a big hole in the ground.  
After throwing a few rocks back in the hole,
 it was time to move on to visit another aunt. 

Then back they come with these!

We were out there for quite a while, 
always fun to go to the country,
when we came home they both passed out.

If you didn't notice, Ragean got her hair cut. 
She has been wanting it short like mommy's.
They were holding out until it was 10" to donate to
 Locks of Love.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Bat Alert!

We had another bat last night.  I had fallen asleep with the 
TV on and when I woke to turn it off, it was flying in circles 
around and around with the ceiling fan.
I slithered out of bed and then called Gracie to come out.
Ray fell asleep on the couch, and not happy when I woke him up to 
inform him of our little flying guest.
I went to the garage, got my net and broke my record.
Five minutes, caught and killed.
 Ray stood yelling at me, on the other side of the sheet I 
hung up to keep it confined.
When I was taking it outside to throw with the yard waste
that was being picked up today,  Ray took off running 
downstairs.  What did he think I was going to do throw it 
on him.
 Yea I thought of it, and as funny as that would have been, for me anyhow, he would of had a heart attack!
Then I was up till 2:30.
That's what I get for thinking evil thoughts.