Tuesday, November 13, 2012


 This is by far 
the bestest bread pudding you will ever have.....
Absolutely EVERYONE who tastes it wants the recipe.
The first time Ethel had some, it was at the movies.
Yes, I am one of those people who 
take their own treats to the theater.
I can't afford 15 dollars for a bag of M&M's, 
let alone the price of the ticket. 

I have what I call,

I had just taken it out of the oven 
when she called to go see War Horse.
When we get there and the lights go out.
Out comes this warm, 
delectable, luscious, yummy 
(I know, a lot of adjectives, but thats how good this stuff is!)

One fork among the 4 of us. 
She couldn't believe I brought it!
But once she tried it, 
I caught her licking up one side and 
down the other of the fork.
Gross Huh? 
Back and forth we pass it,
 (even after Ethel tongued the fork) 
moaning with every bite,
until it was gone.

Sure enough they wanted the recipe!

Here it is right out of the oven

The Bourbon topping with Pecans.

And here's the book where I got the recipe.
It's dated March/April 2010.

I know this is small, I will try to enlarge,
 but I wanted to get it posted.

This subscription is worth every dime.
Not a lot of pictures, but it gives the absolute best, 
"use this and don't use that"
kind of info.
And that's what I'm known for, substituting,
but I followed this recipe to a tee. 

I also purchased their 
Slow Cooker Revolution,
Every recipe I've tried in this book has been perfect!

It's really worth trying!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Here is a quilt a fellow quilter is doing. 

It went from this:

To this:

Using a template you place on the squares 
then cut and turn and sew them back together.  
I did one a while back.
Check out the size difference on the two.
There is quite a bit of waste. 
But the look is so nice.
The star on the top did not stand out so she is going to embellish it with something..
I'll take a shot of it when she finishes it.
Good job Linda!

Thursday, November 8, 2012


I made this alphabet for a shower gift.
They are fabric and about 3"tall.
As you can see I didn't go with the typical. "A is for apple" 
Kind of small to see but....
C has little red crabs 
M has little mice 

But my favorite and most personal is the X.
A picture of her ultra sound.
Yes, I know ultra sound starts with a U.
But it is also an x-ray.
Can you see the babies little ear on the bottom right leg. 
On the left leg is the little nose and the eye right above that.
Kind of looks like a thumb sticking up right below the nose.
The mommy to be loved it. 

Just to show you how pliable they are.
No magnets on the back of these.
This mother is a little anal about certain things.


Let me first start with a little history.
Last month I went to Kohls, to RETURN something.
I went back to customer service, returned, and asked what my balance was.
I was directed to the phone on the wall to call and check.
They told me I had a credit of 129.22.
I think I stood up a little straighter, 
and looked around to see if anyone else heard this new found blessing that came upon me.
Now I knew I had returned some items, 
but the Lord himself knows I don't have any extra money to be giving away. 
I did ask, 
"Are you sure?"
They confirmed the balance.

Well it was like Christmas for me!
Out I go with new insight and figured, 
let's just see what Mabel might need.
I felt like spreading my arms right outside customer service, and saying it's all mine.

1 Hour later:
5 tops
sweater and vest for my granddaughter and an indian top, it was fringed on the bottom. 
She loves it.
Yes I got all that  for the 129.22
I think I even had a credit balance left over,
with the 30% off coupon and the Kohls cash I already had.
And to top it off they gave me more Kohls cash.

Leaving the store walking with my chest out a little further,
I can't wait to go home and tell my husband.

The days to follow I would come down stairs, dressed for work, and he would comment,
"Is that one of your new tops?"
I was surprised he even noticed.
Again I would stand a little straighter and say YES!
After a week of new tops, he asked,
"Just how many tops did you get?"
I was glad it was Friday.
Oh yea, I got 7 very needed pairs of socks too.
I knew he wouldn't notice those until he did the laundry.
YES. that is his job!

Now lets jump to today 
Our Internet is down at home, so he sent me to work with the bills to pay.
He has his little list of what to pay and the amount, with the original bill.
I look at the electric bill and there is a disconnection notice.
According to the dates, they should have shut it off on Oct 25th.
I gave them a call and asked what was going on,
 and if they were suppose to shut it off, why didn't they?
  She said the storms on the coast caused them to send everyone there and they didn't have the man power to come out and physically turn it off.
Thank you Super Storm Sandy.
The bible says, "Something good always comes out of something bad"
Here's my good! 
I had light and heat.

So when I get all the answers I need from her,
 I find out we..... I mean He, didn't pay Octobers bill.

I called to let him know, and he swears he paid it.
So back I go to the bank web site to verify everything.

There it is:
You guessed it!

Kohls is right above Ohio Edison, on the bill pay list.
$129.22 to Kohls

When I called to let him know, the first thing out of him mouth.
"Damn it Debbie, 
now you have to pay the electric bill that's due now
and get Kohls off the pay list!"

I cracked up and  I told him I didn't have it. 
 I was wearing it!

But I did thank him.

Poor Ray I'm going to be the death of him!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Raegan is 6

Raegan and her brother, Hunter have October Birthdays.  Mommy and Daddy took them to Disney last month, so we just had a little get together on their special day.

I love this shot!
 I just wish I was clearer.