Saturday, June 30, 2012

Vote for Daniel

I don't know if you'll remember Mabel mentioning (or teasing me) that I'm a softy when it comes to animals, well I am.  And Daniel is just one of those animals that has touched my heart.

He has 26 toes and is the official cat of the Milwaukee Animal Rescue Shelter.  My kids and I supported Daniel back at Christmas time when he was trying to raise money for his shelter home.  Well Daniel is now in the running to be featured on the cover of Modern Cat Magazine and he would be thrilled if he would win.  So if you would take the time to click on the link below and vote for Daniel we certainly would appreciate it.  Click Here to Vote for Daniel  Spread the word, so Daniel has a good chance at winning.
Thanks for your help.

Friday, June 29, 2012

I Own An Outhouse!

Well at least it looks kind of like an outhouse.  
For $25.00 I couldn't pass it up and I'm having so much fun making a place for it in my yard. 
 I'm going to use it as a garden/tool shed.

Here it is fresh from the auction.  We put it outside by our raised bed garden we started this year.  So much character to it.  Inside I even found a few dates written in it, 1948, 1952, 1958.  I will be adding 2012 to it to make my mark on it for the future to find. 
Here are pictures of the progress so far.  I've moved it away from the pine a little bit.  Added a hook for a hanging flower pot and put an old horseshoe on it for luck.  
There was already a shelf inside so I'm slowly starting to add my garden items in it. 
Mabel suggested I move my old washtub out by it and I must agree it looks perfect.  Eventurally we would like to put a large garden shed up so I envision connecting the two with a cute picket fence and lots of perennials.  
So far I've added two lavender plants and moved a hosta for now. 
 It is weathered with at least 4-5 different colors of paint.  Everyone keeps asking me if I am going to paint it, but I love it just the way it is.

Here is another close-up of our garden.  I know things are a little close together, but I let my 11 year old call the shots on what we planted, so it's a learning curve this year.  But our spinach isn't doing very well, so if anyone has any suggestions as to what we can do to help our spinach we'd appreciate it.
 I just love my washtub, makes me smile.
 Going to add a pea gravel path and hopefully will pick up a few more items at auction that will look perfect next to it. 
 Perhaps a wheelbarrow or an old wagon wheel.  Some old tubs or a water pump. 
 I'm sure whatever I get will make my husband roll his eyes.  
That's exactly what he did when he saw the outhouse. 
 Lucky for me he is so comfortable in his new recliner he could care less what I'm doing,
 in what I now refer to as the back 40 of our yard!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Loving Our New Family Room Furniture!

Well as Mabel said last week we got a deal on some furniture for my family room at an auction and are we enjoying it.  
Each one of us now has our own recliner and it looks like it was made for our family room. 

Here you can see our old furniture which was nice and all, but the fabric didn't hold up very well and we all fought over who would get to use the ottoman.
Now here's a picture with the new furniture. 
 So much more comfortable and I like the darker color.

Now we are all comfortable and no more fighting.  Sofa, loveseat (that both seats individually rock) and a rocking recliner chair.  Five recliners in all, yes I suppose you could say we like to lounge in my family!  All in really good clean condition, practically new looking.  Best auction score to date and thanks to Craigslist my old furniture has already gone to a new home.  
Life is good!
P.S.  I'll have to take a closer picture, but I also got the two leaded glass floor lamps next to the loveseat and chair at the auction.  Perfect for doing needlework and hand sewing while watching TV.  Now Mabel and I can rock and sew together side by side!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Norwalk Auction

Last night Ethel and I went to another auction..   
More great times and laughs...... 
 She has been wanting new family room furniture. 
 Sure enough she got it.  Looks like it was custom made for her room.  And is it ever comfortable.  
She also got an Outhouse.  
Yes, an Outhouse, turned tool shed. 
I'm sure she will post a pic of it soon.  It is adorable, 
she put it next to her little garden.
 Here's a picture.

Great deals last night, two families were moving to Florida, everything, and I mean everything was up for sale.  If I was young and starting out, this is where I would have gone to furnish my house.  Most of their furniture came from Arhaus.  Not cheap stuff, and barely worn.  
I will make sure she posts a picture of her family room.

Now! I got....are you ready? 
 An Adjust-Asleep, adjustable bed.  
Poor husband can't sleep in his own bed, because of his back.  He sleeps on the recliner.  Which has been pretty nice for Gracie and I having the whole bed to ourselves. Our other two girls snuggle up to him at night.  He has been wanting one of these for awhile now.  
If you've ever priced one of these, you know what I'm talking about. 
We have a king bed which is 2 twins, and this will be one of the twins.  We put it in the garage until we make the big move. Getting that mattress upstairs was like moving a gigantic amoeba. Not looking forward to the move down. 

Here's Ray giving it a test run.
  He'd kill me if he ever read my blog. 
 I think he likes it, his eyes were closed.  It vibrates too!  Wait!  Maybe I'll leave it in the garage, 
and Grace and I can still have the big bed.  
He'll be fine out there. 
I have the garage door screen for ventilation and my new spool book case for a night stand.  
I'm sure I'll run across a TV at the next auction for him.
YES, I think he will be very comfortable out there. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Garage Screen

I love my garage door screen!

Got it at an auction, for 31.00.
I looked into getting a new one, 
and the price was up there,
and out of my range.
 I knew I'd run across one at an auction.
You run across everything you could every want. 
You just need to be patient.
When I saw this on the auction site, 
brand new in the box.
I couldn't wait to get there.

I just need to paint and caulk the frame.
I feel like I need a plaid love seat out there,
 a refrigerator, and a TV. I've got the radio.
Wait a minute, am I an old man?

My Pride and Joy love sitting out there and watching the birds come down and eat.
See the bread crumbs out there?

Now I can keep my garage door open into the house.
I get a great breeze through there.
Even the girls like to sit and look out.
Not to worry, I have little pads for them to rest on 
so they aren't on the hard cement.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Quilt / Side Show!

Yesterday Ethel and I and another quilt buddy ventured to Columbus to the quilt show. Ethel and I ALWAYS have fun. We met a new quilt friend in the parking garage, named Sherry, I hope we didn't scare her off, we can be quite obnoxious at times.  Once we got downtown, we were trying to find the parking garage, felt like we were driving in circles.  Lola, as she calls her GPS, didn't have a clue where she was going, she tried to take us by way of PA to get there.  Coming up to a stop light, I yelled "OMG LOOK," there were 3 men walking down the street in theIr tighty whiteys, and purses strapped over them. Purses made sense, where else would they have put there money. Ethel was driving and gave us a triple whip lash, cause I yelled stop, I wanted to get a picture. But my phone was in my purse trapped under the seat belt. We couldn't stop laughing, and went around the block to try to find them. It was like the Emperors New Clothes. Someone forgot to tell them they weren't finished dressing.  Not able to find them we decide to get back on track and find the garage. At another light people are lining the streets in chairs. I yelled out to them, "Whats going on?" "GAY PRIDE PARADE!" was his response. Ethel being Ethel not knowing what to say to that, leans out my window and gives a thumbs up and yells, "Good for you." 

And then we all start to crack up and look out the opposite window...... LIGHT PLEASE TURN GREEN!!!  God please help us find the garage!!!!

We did find it and the show was absolutely wonderful.  The talent some of these women have!!! The pictures I took were not worth posting, they just did not do them any justice.

I get up on this morning of the Lord, and am curious, what actually went on while we were in the show. And sad to say this is one of the articles I found.


Coach Dave Daubenmire
June 28, 2007
Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. John 8:44
I spent last Saturday at the Gay Pride parade in Columbus, Ohio. I try to go every year, at least for the past seven or so. Try as I might to avoid the confrontation there is just something inside of me that will not allow me to stay home.

There were about twenty of us who made the decision to go. For several it was the first time they had ever ventured outside the safety of their church. As is usually the case they know that it is much easier to preach to the choir about the sin of homosexuality than it is to venture into enemy held territory with the Truth of the Gospel. No matter how hard I had tried to prepare them for what they were about to experience the old saw “some things are better felt, than telt,” was most applicable to the experience.

“What is it like, Coach?” One nervous friend inquired of me on the ride over.
“Well,” I told them, “I really can’t explain it. I usually have mixed feelings. Inside, my heart is breaking for those who are trapped in that sin…convinced that God made them gay. The compassionate side of me wants to sit and weep with them over the grief they must carry. But at the same time, a side of me wants to run to the store and buy a truck of Lysol spray and fumigate the entire crowd.”

As is usually the case the men who made the trip for the first time found it to be one of the most penetrating experiences of their Christian walk. The war for the souls of men is real and at no place that I know of is the reprobate mind more on display. Trust me; the media will never show you the debauchery that passes as an “alternative lifestyle.”

The homosexual leadership, those who work iniquity, has done a great public relations job. They have convinced us that Tommy and Billy who live down the street are the real face of homosexuality. Sadly, as those who walked into the den of iniquity with us on Saturday can attest, the under-belly of sodomy is a despicable thing to see. A friend once told me that I should never go to a meat packing shop and watch hot-dogs being made. If I did, he warned me, I would never eat another hot-dog as long as I lived.

The same can be said for the sodomite parade. The “meat” on display will forever change the way you view homosexuality. Sin has no boundaries, no clutch, and no emergency brake. Once you dip your toe into the pool of sin, especially sexual sin, there is a magnetism that will not let go. The debauchery parading down our public streets is abominable.

Let me make a couple of things perfectly clear before you “appeasers of sin” stop reading. We didn’t call anyone names, we didn’t tell anyone that God hated them, and we didn’t judge their immortal soul. That was not our job. Our job was to do the will of our father. “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” John 12:32. We went to lift up Jesus.
“Well, I don’t like your approach,” a pastor once told me.
“Have you ever gone to the parade, Pastor?” I asked him?
“No I haven’t,” he smugly replied. “That is no place for a Godly man.”
“I see,” I answered. “I like the way I go a whole lot better than the way you don’t.”
Suffice it to say that we left the parade with several different observations a few of which I would like to share with you today.
Sinners do the will of their Father. Most Christians don’t. As my friend said “Coach, they love their Father more than we love ours.”
The reprobate, gay-affirming church is growing by leaps and bounds. I counted 16 different churches walking in the parade in support of sodomy.
Calling sin what it is isn’t very popular. No wonder I don’t have a church.
The homosexual crowd is getting younger and younger. Government school indoctrination into tolerance and diversity is winning the day. Fifteen year-old children have been lured into the trap.
Every school teacher, every principal, every school board member should be required to attend the parade to see where the promotion of diversity is taking our children. It ain’t pretty, unless men dressed as women, and “dykes on bikes” is what you want for your child.
Those who cry for tolerance are the least tolerant. Truth is hate to those who hate the Truth.
No pastor in America should be able to speak-out against homosexuality until he views first hand the perversity he claims to abhor.
The lawless hate God. The name of Jesus is an affront to sinners. The crowd cheered the apostate churches as they displayed their man-made signs declaring their man-man opinion of Jesus’ acceptance of sin. They cursed and spat upon those who held a sign that displayed the Word of God, “If a man also lie with mankind, as he liveth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination.”
I am confused. If same-sex couples are attracted to the same sex why are all of the women, manly, and all of the men, girlie? Shouldn’t a lesbian be attracted to a feminine woman? Why are most of them Rosie look alikes? Shouldn’t a homosexual man be attracted to a masculine man? Why are so many of them Richard Simmons clones?
For the most part the church is irrelevant to sinners. Most of the homosexuals grew up in church. Why do they now hate it so much?
Christian men are afraid to stand up for Jesus. They act just like women, striving to be “nice” to everyone. They won’t fight for their communities, won’t protect their children from indoctrination, and won’t storm the gates of hell.
The Columbus Police Department is in the pocket of the homosexual lobby. Women with naked breasts, men with bare butts, and simulated sex-acts filled the parade as the police focused on our signs in fear that the Word of God “might offend someone.” Go downtown today, pull down your pants, and moon the passers-by and see how long it takes to get handcuffed and charged with indecency. Indecency is the theme of the Gay Parade, under the watchful eye of those sworn to protect and defend.
The most memorable scene in the parade was the “gay-men’s flag corps” prancing in formation as they swirled their pink (I’m not kidding) flags as simultaneously the “dykes on bikes” dressed in jeans and jackets rode along side protecting the prissy-boys. “Wow,” I thought to myself, “talk about role reversals.”
I could go on, but that is enough “hate speech” for one commentary.
As we were leaving the parade one of our first-timers, filled with indignation at what had just paraded down the streets of our capitol city, turned to our group and said, “Next year we need to show up with 1000 men. Better yet, let’s have a Christian Pride-parade. Let’s get all of the churches together and stand up for Jesus.”
“Right,” said a sarcastic veteran of the trip into Sodom. “Good luck. Most churches wouldn’t march with the church down the street because they don’t agree with their doctrine.”
“Isn’t it interesting,” another guy chimed in. “Churches spend thousands of dollars traveling to the foreign mission field to get pagans saved, and today there were 45,000 lost souls marching down High Street in broad daylight.”
“I’ve been to Guatemala on a mission trip,” another piped in. “Let me tell you, this ain’t Guatemala. This was scary. Man, I’m afraid America is in trouble.”

I'm glad I was inside, and missed this.
I hope I don't offend anyone, but TRUTH IS TRUTH, be it my Truth or your Truth, we WILL find out in the end.  I love you all, and would love you all the way to Christ given the opportunity.
Now I'm off to church to pray for you all.
Happy Fathers Day!

Saturday, June 16, 2012


This spool I got from Lowes.

The dowel rods you see,
I tore apart an old dvd shelf a while ago, 
and couldn't bare to throw them away.
I knew I would be able to use them for something.
Drilled some holes. Painted the spool, 
with some paint I already had.

Screwed some wheels on the bottom, 
that were free.
No, I take that back, I only had three wheels.
I had to go save big money, at Menards, and get one more.

Now what on earth is this, you say?

Pride and Joy couldn't wait to get some of there books and put them on our new spool book case.
As they sit back admiring how they look while eating a breakfast burrito.

So this project cost me a total of 
$2.04 for the one wheel I had to purchase.

Friday, June 15, 2012


You all have seen these bags, and probably have them in your cupboard. And I'm sure you have seen the commercial on the BRAND NEW INVENTION individual wrapped freezer bags for food.  Now let's not fall into the trap of advertising.... although... I wish I had thought of it.  Many times I have taken a pack of chicken out of the freezer, and they are all stuck together.  Which takes twice as long to thaw.  And I only wanted two.  So now I'm stuck having chicken for the next week.  Although I have been known to refreeze....No one has died yet!  
Back to the reason for this post, remember I have A.D.D.
This is a great idea, but you don't need to go out and buy the expensive bags. Just use what you already have. I grab a hunk of hamburger, twist the top, and shove about 6 in a gallon zip lock. And I have the individual sizes I need. 
You could even use saran wrap.

While I was looking this picture to put on this post, they had a tutorial on you tube, on how to use these bags..... Are you kidding me!!!!  Are people that stupid!!!   And no I didn't click on it, just to see.
My mama taught me!

I told Ethel today about some recipe, (Yes she is still with us, I know you haven't heard from her in a while.  Maybe this will prompt her to get on the ball and post.) It was a crock pot recipe.  I love crock pot food!!!  And I said how I enjoy cooking in them so much more because of the liners.  She didn't know what I was talking about.  So maybe some of you out there in blog world don't know either.  Best thing since sliced bread.  No clean up!
I haven't found a cheaper way to come up with these yet, short of using a bag you get from your local Drug Mart.......yea..... that may be pushing it!  My poor family if they only knew!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012


This beautiful old trunk
needed a little help on the inside.
A very very patience friend of mine, 
asked me to do something to the inside.
I think it belonged to her Grandmother.

As you can see it was a little tired!

A little mod podge, 
my first attempt.
And some fabric.

I held my breath an slopped it on the back side,
there is no way to be neat with this goop.

Once I got it smoothed out, which was pretty easy.
I covered the top with more goop!

Covered the rest of the sides, stood back, 
and gave my self a pat on the back.
Not bad for my first time.

The bottom I put a suede mat.
It turned out pretty nice.

The best part of all!
Peeling the glue of my fingers.
Remember when you were in school,
 and got to use your Elmers glue. 
How you would make a circle on your hand and peel it off, 
and use up the whole bottle doing it?
That's just what I sat doing for an hour afterwards, 
so much more fun than washing it off.

Oh yeah, Lisa your picture is finally finished!
But remember to call first, you know I'm never there!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Patio

This area has been bothering me for quite some time.
I wanted to use it for my grilling area, and we finally ran across these pavers from a business
 that was going to see the demo ball. 
We went and dug them up and started leveling.
 Gracie is helping.

We started lying them out not sure we even had enough.
 Now April is helping.

By George, we had just the right amount.
My girl stopped by,
grab a broom. 
Where is May?

Almost finished,
Need some pea gravel to border the pavers.


There's May!
Where've you been?
Probably tormenting the golden lab next door.

Good day, what a workout!
and Ray and I never argued once!