Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This is one of the best moments yet!  This friend, we'll call her Shannon again, was on her way to work, running late with 15 things on her mind at once.
Do I have my books? 
Did I grade the papers? 
Did I give my daughter lunch money?  
Driving like a crazy person on her way to teach, she rushes inside to her office.  Her husband also teaches there and arrives just before her.  As she flies in last minute to grab some supplies, her husband gives her a puzzled look, and kindly asks did you do something different with your make-up?  Frazzled and thinking he's making smart remarks, she snaps back, NO HARRY!!!  He throws up his hands, backs away, and says OK!!  She runs down the hall to class, makes a detour to the restroom.  I thank God she did, or she would still be the talk of the school to this day.  As she looked in the mirror, she froze when she saw the reflection that looked back at her.  WHAT ON EARTH!!!!  She got a little closer to the mirror to see what it was. OMG! She realized what she did.  While driving to work she was putting on her makeup and used her lip liner instead of her eyebrow pencil. Yes, she had 2 RED half circles where her blond eyebrows where.  She grabs paper towels and starts to scrub like crazy.  As soon as she gets done with class, I receive a call, the first thing out of her mouth.  "I have a kiwi moment for you."   Well that just starts me to crack up.  She then realizes how mortified she would have been had she walked into her class room.  It would have been Professor BOZO for the rest of her life. And all her dear husband wanted to know was, if she had started to do something different with herself.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vintage Tidbit Tuesday: Poison or Power?

If you went to a market-place and somebody was selling wasps, worthless stones, rattlesnakes and'd be a fool to buy, wouldn't you? 

Especially when the same price would get you flowers, sunkissed fruits, and wholesome vitalizing bread!

Yet, this is just what you do when you choose worry and hate and fear...because they are mental poison...and mental poison has a way of becoming physical poison.

Poison or Power, which shall it be?  You can have the good things of life...your dreams can come true.  This book is written to help you.

Even if you have never thought about this's not too late to start now.  In fact now's the very time to start!  Across those stepping-stones to dreams come true!

How could Commodore Perry said up to an unfriendly unopened Japan in the last century...and come away laden with gifts and hopes for a treaty?  Because 1) He had vigor and self-respect and wouldn't be pushed around...and 2) He was interested in the Japanese and their country...and so they became interested in him and his country.  He opened a door by friendly interest...and that's how doors are always opened...and kept open.

Because he was healthy...young Marco Polo had good bearing and poise and this gave him self-respect.  But he must have had something more.

The traders who went to see the Emperor were chiefly preoccupied with making a trade.  But young Polo was genuinely interested in the Emperor and his people as well as in the exotic fruits and flowers of the land.  So they opened theirs hearts to him...and let him tour up and down the country as the Emperor's special representative...this was a great honor.

These are just two examples down through the interest in health and poise, character and honor...have brought success.  For these qualities are the foundations for a winning personality...the stepping-stones to success.  Use them now!

Choose Power, not poison...and live a radiant life!

Monday, September 26, 2011

A Cute Sewing Machine Make Over Idea

Check out this cute makeover Dee Construction did to her sewing machine.  I'm definitely going to have to do something like that to mine.  It just makes the machine pop with vintage style.
When I get brave and do mine I will post before and after pictures.  Maybe if I spruce up my machine to look as cute as this I will use it more and get some of my projects done!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

And Ethel Said.....

Well I just had to post the Quote of the Week from Where Women Create.
Naturally since it mentions me (how about that Mabel I'm famous!). 
If you have never read the Magazine "Where Women Create" you should check it out.  So inspiring to see where other creative women get their ideas and the rooms that they create them in.  And of course you can learn about The Creative Connection that my hen self is referring to above.  I'm sure Mabel and I would love to go if we could sometime.  They also have one for  "Where Women Cook", but to be honest I like to eat more than I like to cook, but you may enjoy checking that out as well.

Well I think I'll go lay an egg now, see ya!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Vintage Tidbit Tuesday: Dwell on the Beautiful

We do have the phenomenon of a mere word causing a physical reaction.  Strange, isn't it?  Yet it happens in daily life all the time.  In primitive days, the body went through certain tensions when danger was close by...these tensions were relieved by facing the danger...fighting the problem right away whatever it was...bear or burglar!

In civilization, law has taken the place of the club and the caveman...and exercise must take the place of more primitive ways of relieving tensions.
The principle works in reverse, too.  Enjoy yourself in sports or hobbies...and you'll actually feel much better.  The enjoyment will do you just as much good as the exercise!

You see, it works this way.  If you hear words that bother you...or think thoughts that worry wind up with stomach ulcers or other ailments.  And this is so unnecessary!  For if you dwell on the beautiful...the uplifting both in body and soul...the opposite will be true.  Be happy inwardly...and just watch the chain reactions start working for you...because of what you choose to read, to think about, and to do.  Just the mere act of smiling...the process of getting absorbed in healthy exercise...can make you into a new man or woman.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vintage Tidbit Tuesday: Stepping-Stones to Dreams Come True

Here's comes another interesting little tidbit from our great little book
"How to Develop a More Successful Personality For a Winning & Magnetic You!"
by Joe Bonomo.
What are the stepping-stones to dreams come true?

Did young Marco Polo have an Aladdin's lamp with him...when he called at the palace of the great Kubla Khan of China?  Why did he leave loaded with gifts of rubies, emeralds and gold...when mere traders failed to do business with the fabulous Chinese Emperor?
What is the secret of personal success?  What are the basic qualities which business people who hire men and women every day agree are important?  These are reported to be good health...good bearing...and poise.

It takes vim, vigor and zest to do a job well.  Health is the most wonderful foundation for happiness you can have.  You were born with a certain amount of health.  This book is going to show you how you can preserve it.  Fresh air...sunshine, good food, plenty of sleep...excercise, and positive thinking are all factors in retaining and building your health.

Other stepping-stones are:  character, honesty, interest on others, self-respect.
Young Marco Polo had them all...and so he succeeded.
One thing about these stepping-stones...take one at a time and that makes the next just as easy as the first!  And each steps leads to tune in every Tuesday and we'll be on our way!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Blazer turned purse.  Notice I left the pocket and one of the buttons on.  I love these and have made about 6 so far. Anyone interested in one?  I can get about 3 purses out of one piece of clothing. I get the handles at Goodwill, buy purses there and cut off the handles. Those things are expensive new! One way to keep the cost down. You can see my collection hanging behind the before picture.

Below is from a long skirt that belonged to my friends mother. She had wonderful pieces of clothing that she was going to donate.  When she told me what she was going to do with them.  I about had a heat attack and said please just wait before you give them away.  I know I can do something with them.  2 months later I found this pattern for purses and went to town. Converted the pattern to a larger size and you have a lap top bag.
Like I said it was a long skirt, had enought for 2 more purses. She loved them! Said they make better purses than a skirt.  I agree!

This one was a little more emotional to do.  It was a sweater that my mom had knitted.  I had picked it up three different times, and couldn't bring myself to cut it.  I watched her work on it, and it was a hard pattern .  So cutting up something she worked so hard on was a little tough.  It wasn't being worn and I couldn't give it away, so when I found the pattern this was the first thing I thought of.  After a deep breath, and I think I closed my eyes there for a minute. Snip Snip. No turning back now!


This one was made out of the sleeves. For Pride and Joy's mom. I'll make another one for my baby girl. There should be enough to make myself one. So we will all carry a piece of grandma.

This is one of my sons old sweaters

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Richard Nixon Eggplant

I couldn't even bring myself to cut it up. I loved Tricky Dick. He just hung around the kitchen and kept me company, until  he got all soft on me. Then I impeached him and threw him away.

I Painted It RED!

Well as you all know, Ethel and I love to go to auctions.  Look what we found for my sun room.   I have been wanting to paint the dated paneling, what on earth was I waiting for,  I've been there 27 years, it's about time!  Had some left over paint from the up stairs hallway.  Brought it down, and slapped it on the wall. Three coats, ugh! The valances were an auction find.  Can't believe how they fit. Looks like I had them custom made, and the color matches the over sized chair and paint color PERRRRFECT! Now I have to work on the shelving in there and it will be complete. 

Don't be afraid to paint paneling. Just go for it!  I was even gutsy and went with Red.  It is a very bright room,  but my upstairs hall way is dark and it looks great there too.  I'll take a pic of that and show you. Three walls are painted and one papered.  There is a story behind that!!!
I have a chandelier that I'm going to hang out there, it's gold. Think I might paint it red too. Free!  As soon as I can bribe my nephew into hanging it. Food always works!!

Check out the lamp on the side table.  Auction! 

There is a column supporting the figurine, found that along side the road. Two of them, one is in my garden.
                   Doesn't it look fantastical? 
              Yes Jenna the stained glass crescent moon hanging, will be coming down.