Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How Friendly Are You?

Think back now to folks you've thought were charming.  Were they all wrapped up in themselves. . .or were they happy in a group?  Did they behave like so many clams, or were they as genial as a Merry Christmas?

Friendly, of course. . .for friendliness is like the invigorating joy of a fresh sea breeze. . .the very secret of charm.  Not faked-up friendliness just to sell something or get what you want. . .but real friendliness based on genuine interest in the people around you.

"I'd be friendly enough if I weren't so shy," you say.  "What can I do about it?"

A good cure for shyness is to remember. . .other people are not thinking about the impression you are making half as much as they are thinking about the impression they are making!  Once you realize this fact you can put them at their ease and influence them. . .if you are sincere.

After you realize this new power within yourself. . .it will change your world for you.  You will find yourself making telephone calls for that church or civic committee and actually enjoying it. . .because people will say "yes" to you!  You'll find yourself standing on your own fee and making sense. . .talking to people. . .not at them!
Even if you have been a clinging vine, a shy wallflower, or mouse instead of a man. . .once you find out you can do it. . .can stand on your own and talk to people in terms of their own interests. . .you'll feel a new power surge through you.  If you keep your feet on the ground and don't let your newly-discovered power turn your head. . .you cannot only become successful yourself, you can help others to succeed.  The big "YOU" and the little "I" formula is a key which will open all sorts of doors to you.  You'll actually find people glad to do things for you.  Get enough of them together in a sound honest enterprise. . .and you have begun to create a center of influence which will keep radiating. 

When you put the YOU attitude first and the I attitude second. . .you are actually tuning in on natural powers. . .using nature's own secret of radiating growth.  Did you ever wonder how nature could be so abundant, could create apparently effortlessly. . .fluted flower petals, speckled frogs, butterfly wings, veined leaves, intricate living beings. . .the wonders of life. 

What does nature start with?  A small nucleus or seed which has the potential Interest in others is like the pull of the sun. . .making the seed send forth sprouts.  You too can reach the light. . .have a robust personality.  Be friendly and see!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Child's Art Work into Pillow or Needlework

We can turn a child's art work in to a pillow or push point needlework.

From  this

To this,



The pillow is 12x12, and the push point is 4x4
The pillow can take as many as 4 colors, tops. Otherwise it's to hard to sew.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Eat and Sew

Last night the girls got together for a little eat and sew.
 The four of us  Hazel,  Ethel,  Evelyn,  and myself, Mabel.

Here is what I served. 
Ethel and Evelyn must have really enjoyed it,
 they couldn't stop moaning. 
Ethel was licking up and down the side of her fork. 
I think I'll have to give her the recipe,
 then again she doesn't like to cook.  
She'll just request this dish when it's my turn to host again. 

I'm pretty sure Hazel liked it as well, aside from the tomato chunks and onions, 
she just wasn't as vocal as the other two.

Enchiladas and sopa, a Mexican dish.  Of course! 
 And Bread Pudding with Rum Sauce.
It was pretty darn good!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Courtesy Counts!

Courtesy is not a luxury in the successful life.  It is a necessity.  You can't afford to be sparing with your courtesies.  Lack of courtesy will surely lead to failure. . .courtesy freely given will surely bring a successful day.  "But to whom should I be courteous?"  Many people ask this question.  The answer is to everybody.  Who are you to assume that the other person is someone of meagre ambitions and importance?  How do you know he doesn't count?  He may be delivering milk at your back door. . .and be the President of the milk company's son getting experience.  The old gentleman who calls at the office occasionally may be a famous scientist or executive of much importance.  If you as a Secretary treat him haughtily and coldly. . .you yourself will show up in a poor light. . .may even lose a job you value.  The office salesman should be treated courteously.

"I don't like the way they treat you in that place," from one person treated discourteously may hurt the reputation of a business which will show up in dollars and cents from sales.  Good will is just one of the values earned by courtesy. 

Amazing, isn't it. . .when you read in wills the cause for the legacy?  He or she was kind.  They held a door open for me. . .and helped me out of a tight spot when all my other friends were dead and gone. . .She gave me a smile of kindness. . .These are true cases, but they should not be the incentive for courtesy.  Courtesy is a reward in itself.  Start out and try to just for one day and you'll want to keep it up.  Because courtesy given is courtesy returned.  It's an easy simple way to make your whole life brighter.

Remember courtesy works at home, too!  Keep your Company Manners.  Be polite to the family.  You'll feel better and they will too.

If you've a high temper and are accustomed to being discourteous. . .this is meant for you.  Did you ever think that you were getting in your own way?  If you're rude to someone, they'll resent it!  Don't blame them or yourself either!  You can be your own best friend or worst enemy.  Which shall it be?  Decide right now.

You can make Courtesy Count for You!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Online Quilt Shop Hop

Something fun to try if you've never heard about.
Check it out by clicking on the bunny below.

QuiltShop Hop

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I See A Quilt Pattern

As I was in the bathroom at the State Theater in Cleveland, I started to see a pattern forming.  I guess it's true, you can find a patterns all around you.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Look Up!

First of all we would like to wish everyone ~ Happy Valentine's Day!!  Now on with our Vintage Tidbit.

Enthusiasm is like a tonic.  Like sunshine and healing water, it can put a song into your heart. . .and send you whistling along the high-road of life to be a blessing to yourself and all you meet.  So watch your enthusiasm.  If you're getting cross or worried or tired. . .that's a sign your enthusiasm is getting very low.

That's when some people back out. . .they can't laugh at themselves anymore.  They've forgotten how to believe in anything but their own temporary trouble.  All trouble is temporary.  They forget that others need their help.  Millions of valiant success stories have shown the power of enthusiasm to life you up no matter who you are or where you are.

If the thermometer showed that the house was cold and everybody was uncomfortable. . .you'd turn up the thermostat, wouldn't you?  It's just as simple to regulate your enthusiasm.  Put sparkle and merriment back into your heart and back into your life!

Whatever those things are that make you glad, remember them.  Take time out for them. . .and watch yourself return to your work with renewed vigor.  All champions know this lesson.  They've tried and failed, but they didn't stay down.  They always turned the enthusiasm up and went right on fighting.

Just read the biographies of successful judges, lawyers, doctors, civic leaders.  The story of the poor boy who became "President" of his company, or even his country, has been repeated many times.  There never was a miracle without enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm is necessary for miracles.  And miracles do happen in daily life every day.  Expect them and you will get them. . .but not without faith.  Keep that faith shining before you lie a beautiful bright star in the night.  When the going gets rough, hold on just a little longer. . .have just a little more faith. . .seek out those who can help you. . .and the way will open up out of the darkness.

Enthusiasm is a tonic which will keep you going through darkness and despair. . .to light and joy and peace. . .which comes as surely as sunrise in the morning!

The best entertainers know what enthusiasm can do on a stage.  You ought to know what it can do on the stage of life.

Enthusiasm works wonders.  A daffodil hat in the spring. . .a Christmas present in green and red. . .a trip to some summer land of oranges and palms.  Ever watch those things change a dull listless person to someone filled with enthusiasm. . .in love with life?  Why wait for the big event?  Make it happen.  Be enthusiastic!

Some people can be more enthusiastic with a few pennies in their pocket than others can be with millions in back vaults.  A cinnamon bun and a cup of coffee with enthusiasm will do you more good than a banquet consumed in distaste and anger.

It's all a state of mind.  Books and magazines are full of success stories of boys and girls who started out milking cows, waiting on tables, working in tomato factories...of actors now famous who were carpenters on the set. . .of playwrights, musicians, or successes in business, who were dishwashers, shoe salesmen, or office boys until the big break came along. . .came along because they managed to keep up their enthusiasm. . .fighting off heartbreak and hunger to live on for big success!  That's how enthusiasm will work for you, too!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I Went Chalk Paint Crazy

Once I had the chalk paint out I went kind of crazy.  I started to look for anything I could put it on. So I grabbed these jars, masked them off,

 Slapped a little paint on,


I even painted the lids to my flour and sugar containers.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Chalkboard Idea

This is Hunter, (my grandson) expressing his artistic side.  
I painted chalkboard paint on the inside and outside of our kitchen door when my children were his age. 
Neighborhood kids and missed friends would leave messages on it and now a second generation is taking advantage of it. 
One thing that drove me crazy was that the chalk and eraser would get slapped down on the granite counter tops, leaving a powdered mess. 
Well Ethel went to Eleuthera for her brothers wedding, 
(congrats to Bobby and Lynn) 
and said she saw this great idea for chalk and erasers. 
What timing! I was working on one for Hunters sister, so there would be no fighting. 
See it there to the left of Hunter?
Screwed it right to the side of the cupboard.

Isn't this perfect. The right height for little Hunter,
and my counter is CLEEEEEAN!!!! 
And of course..... 
there just happen to be chili's in the cupboard. 
A staple in every Mexican kitchen! 
They could be wrapped with fabric or painted.  
But I loved the chili cans! 
Here is the one I made for Hunters sister, Raegan.  
In case your wondering what the metal thing is, we have an old home and it is an incinerator.  Paper was dropped down it and burned.  The good old days!!!  
This one I used velcro,(greatest thing since sliced bread)  to mount on the glass tile, and wired it to the board.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


It saddens me to think that some one would actually buy something like this.
 It was so hideous I had to snap a shot of it.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tea Cart Updated with Blue & White

I have had this tea cart for as long as I can remember.  It belonged to my great grandmother.  I refinished it years ago and did get new glass cut for the top of it, but other than that I didn't think there was much more I could do to it.
Occasionally I would change what I displayed on top, but almost always it housed our small amount of liquor bottles on the bottom.  Then the other day I had the brainstorm of putting some fabric underneath the glass tops.  Why hadn't I thought of that before?  Sometimes the obvious just never appears, but once I got this notion I was hot to trot.  So off to Joann Fabrics I went and I was lucky enough to find this beautiful blue and white fabric.  My entire dining room is a dark blue and white.  I pulled up the glass and traced the sizes needed.  After they were cut to size I cleaned the glass really good and replaced them on top.  I couldn't get over the difference.
The entire tea cart had a new personality.  I loved it with the wall and woodwork.  After I saw how nice it looked I took the eucalyptus I had in a vase on top and spray painted that white as well.  Totally brightened it up.  Put a wine rack I had on top and couldn't believe how just a little fabric and spray paint could make me like something I have had forever that much more again.

Here's a close-up of the new tops. 
And the completed final look.  I love it!
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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The First Secret...Be Yourself!

The first of seven secrets is Sincerity.  This one quality all by itself will work overtime for you.  It's better than the false smiles and big promises of the petty politician or shabby peddler. . .because it's real!  Sincerity is a quality of hometown folks. . .where everyone knows everyone else.  It's a quality you can trust.

Once upon a time there was a salesman who didn't like dogs. . .and he couldn't get by the household pet.  There was another salesman who never had trouble with dogs.  In fact his interest in the household pet often led to the sale of his product.  But remember, this was a sincere interest!

Sincerity means that you have a real interest in whatever it is that you're doing. . .not just pretending in order to sell something. . .or get something.

The funny part of it is. . .that you will sell your product if you are really sincere.  And the quality of sincerity will get you more, also. . .more of what you want. . .no matter what it is!

This is a rule that works both ways. . .unless you are sincerely interested in others. . .you can't possibly expect others to have any sort of sincere interest in you! 

Sincere interest from others. . .and the help it brings you. . .is a reward for interest given.  It's a profit you can't make without first investing. . .a harvest you can't reap without first sowing the seed.  But still. . .it's one of the safest investments you could make!

If you feel life is giving you fake values. . .ask yourself, Am I being true to my own highest abilities?  Am I really being my best self in all circumstances?

If you are constantly on the watch. . .constantly trying to make the answer to both of these questions "Yes", then you are on the road to a new kind of success for yourself.  It will be a personal success. . .as new friends are attracted to you by your interest in others. . .and your helpfulness.  It will also be a business success. . .for businessmen value honest sincerity. . .and are always on the lookout for it.

Benjamin Franklin a long time ago listed sincerity as his important maxim for making good.  So ought you!  Sincerity is one of the soundest secrets of success you'll ever find!

Next week we continue with Enthusiasm!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Vintage Child's Ironing Board Bulletin Board

For some reason lately at the auctions I have been attracted to the old children's ironing boards.  This one I am about to show you is only my second one I've purchased, but for $2.00 she was a gem.  I didn't know what I was going to do with until Mabel and I came up with the great idea to make it into a bulletin board for my sewing room.
Look at how cute it is.  And what made it perfect for my sewing room was the color of the legs were already a beautiful old red.  The top was padded and covered with a muslin hand stitch laced to it.  Since the only place I had to hang it in my sewing room was a white door I felt I should cover it to make it pop.
I had the perfect red fabric that I had just bought for my yoyo quilt and then I realized I had a couple of cork squares that would work for on top of the ironing board.  Even though I'm sure I could have just pinned into all the fabric that was on top of the ironing board, I didn't want to ruin it.  So I cut the cork to fit the ironing board and just laid it on top of the existing muslin.  I didn't glue it or anything, the fabric I was covering it with would hold it in place.

Then using my staple gun I just covered it with the fabric like you would a chair.  I had purchased 1/2 yard and that was the exact size needed for the ironing board.  Everything was just meant to be.  At first I didn't want to staple into it trying to preserve the old ironing board, but I then I realized it should matter since I was making it for me to enjoy for many years to come.  I do like how you can see the lacing holding the muslin on still on the bottom.
The finished project.  Quick and easy and totally adorable. 

Then I new I needed some cute thumbtacks to use on it.  I had made some yoyo's for my quilt that weren't exactly the right red color I was going for.  It's a cute vintage retro "livestock" print.  I got out my jar of buttons and some big headed thumbtacks and got started.
I hot glued the thumbtacks to the back of the yoyos.  I then hot glued buttons to the front of them in reds and whites.  If I had to do it over again I would have sewed the buttons on first to keep the fabric kind of hooked together before gluing on the thumbtacks.  But they still work fine for me and look so cute on the ironing board.

Look how adorable it looks hanging on the skinny closet door in my sewing room.  The fabric and the red legs of the ironing board are perfect and I love the way the yoyo's look on it.  Now I can pin anything I need to have handy on my cute vintage child's ironing board bulletin board. 

I'll have to show you my other little child's ironing board when I get a chance.  Mabel loves it because it has an iron burn mark on the wood on top from a small size child's iron!!  Maybe I'll just hang it next to this one on the wall because it is much smaller.  I'll keep you posted.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

YoYo Quilt

Here's the next project Ethel and I are working on. 
 Red and White Yoyo quilt.  Odd name, but that's what they call them.  
Made with a plastic template, which makes life a lot easier. Those poor women, in the "good old days" I can't imagine doing these without one.  
I never cared much for yoyo quilts, you usually find them with all different colored fabrics, and no backing.  Maybe that's why. But when I saw it done in red and white, I fell in looooove.  
Off to the fabric store, and of course you are limited at Joann Fabrics, so several shops later, and a thinner wallet, we had what we needed.  
One of the stops was at Hobby Lobby.  We didn't even stop for fabric there, but what a pleasant surprise, they have quite a collection.
 And quite a few red and whites.

This is a yoyo, the front is the scrunched up side. This size is 3 1/2"
You start off with a square and end up with this.

Ethel fought me on the football pattern. Then I showed her it doesn't matter as long as you have the color you want. 
She agreed!

Starting a nice little collection!
I had the basket full and stacked NEATLY, 
then my grandson used it as a step to climb on the bed.  
But he did put them all back in the basket for me.  
You could just imagine!

Think I have enough pins!!!!
See them ALL on the table. Time to arrange on the board. 
(the design board is insulation brd. covered with batting)

This was harder than it looks.  I didn't have an even number of fabrics,
 so arranging them was a challenge.

I had to walk away a few times, my eyes were going bonkers.

192 Later!
 (well I have 3 more to do)
looks like candy
Now I have to sew each one on the backing strips.....
 by hand. 
I'll post the progress of that later. 
Ethel's yoyo's are 2 3/8"....so she has to make 409 of these little suckers.
 May be awhile before you see hers on the design board.  
Just kidding Ethel! 
They go pretty quick.