Saturday, February 4, 2012

YoYo Quilt

Here's the next project Ethel and I are working on. 
 Red and White Yoyo quilt.  Odd name, but that's what they call them.  
Made with a plastic template, which makes life a lot easier. Those poor women, in the "good old days" I can't imagine doing these without one.  
I never cared much for yoyo quilts, you usually find them with all different colored fabrics, and no backing.  Maybe that's why. But when I saw it done in red and white, I fell in looooove.  
Off to the fabric store, and of course you are limited at Joann Fabrics, so several shops later, and a thinner wallet, we had what we needed.  
One of the stops was at Hobby Lobby.  We didn't even stop for fabric there, but what a pleasant surprise, they have quite a collection.
 And quite a few red and whites.

This is a yoyo, the front is the scrunched up side. This size is 3 1/2"
You start off with a square and end up with this.

Ethel fought me on the football pattern. Then I showed her it doesn't matter as long as you have the color you want. 
She agreed!

Starting a nice little collection!
I had the basket full and stacked NEATLY, 
then my grandson used it as a step to climb on the bed.  
But he did put them all back in the basket for me.  
You could just imagine!

Think I have enough pins!!!!
See them ALL on the table. Time to arrange on the board. 
(the design board is insulation brd. covered with batting)

This was harder than it looks.  I didn't have an even number of fabrics,
 so arranging them was a challenge.

I had to walk away a few times, my eyes were going bonkers.

192 Later!
 (well I have 3 more to do)
looks like candy
Now I have to sew each one on the backing strips.....
 by hand. 
I'll post the progress of that later. 
Ethel's yoyo's are 2 3/8" she has to make 409 of these little suckers.
 May be awhile before you see hers on the design board.  
Just kidding Ethel! 
They go pretty quick. 


  1. I never saw a design board for yo yos before. Unlike you, I like multicolored yo yo quilted pieces. I too use the plastic form. Here's a doll I made with an outfit that has yo yos

    1. I use the design board for everything, not just for yoyo's. Liked the doll you made.


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