Monday, February 6, 2012

Vintage Child's Ironing Board Bulletin Board

For some reason lately at the auctions I have been attracted to the old children's ironing boards.  This one I am about to show you is only my second one I've purchased, but for $2.00 she was a gem.  I didn't know what I was going to do with until Mabel and I came up with the great idea to make it into a bulletin board for my sewing room.
Look at how cute it is.  And what made it perfect for my sewing room was the color of the legs were already a beautiful old red.  The top was padded and covered with a muslin hand stitch laced to it.  Since the only place I had to hang it in my sewing room was a white door I felt I should cover it to make it pop.
I had the perfect red fabric that I had just bought for my yoyo quilt and then I realized I had a couple of cork squares that would work for on top of the ironing board.  Even though I'm sure I could have just pinned into all the fabric that was on top of the ironing board, I didn't want to ruin it.  So I cut the cork to fit the ironing board and just laid it on top of the existing muslin.  I didn't glue it or anything, the fabric I was covering it with would hold it in place.

Then using my staple gun I just covered it with the fabric like you would a chair.  I had purchased 1/2 yard and that was the exact size needed for the ironing board.  Everything was just meant to be.  At first I didn't want to staple into it trying to preserve the old ironing board, but I then I realized it should matter since I was making it for me to enjoy for many years to come.  I do like how you can see the lacing holding the muslin on still on the bottom.
The finished project.  Quick and easy and totally adorable. 

Then I new I needed some cute thumbtacks to use on it.  I had made some yoyo's for my quilt that weren't exactly the right red color I was going for.  It's a cute vintage retro "livestock" print.  I got out my jar of buttons and some big headed thumbtacks and got started.
I hot glued the thumbtacks to the back of the yoyos.  I then hot glued buttons to the front of them in reds and whites.  If I had to do it over again I would have sewed the buttons on first to keep the fabric kind of hooked together before gluing on the thumbtacks.  But they still work fine for me and look so cute on the ironing board.

Look how adorable it looks hanging on the skinny closet door in my sewing room.  The fabric and the red legs of the ironing board are perfect and I love the way the yoyo's look on it.  Now I can pin anything I need to have handy on my cute vintage child's ironing board bulletin board. 

I'll have to show you my other little child's ironing board when I get a chance.  Mabel loves it because it has an iron burn mark on the wood on top from a small size child's iron!!  Maybe I'll just hang it next to this one on the wall because it is much smaller.  I'll keep you posted.

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