Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Look Up!

First of all we would like to wish everyone ~ Happy Valentine's Day!!  Now on with our Vintage Tidbit.

Enthusiasm is like a tonic.  Like sunshine and healing water, it can put a song into your heart. . .and send you whistling along the high-road of life to be a blessing to yourself and all you meet.  So watch your enthusiasm.  If you're getting cross or worried or tired. . .that's a sign your enthusiasm is getting very low.

That's when some people back out. . .they can't laugh at themselves anymore.  They've forgotten how to believe in anything but their own temporary trouble.  All trouble is temporary.  They forget that others need their help.  Millions of valiant success stories have shown the power of enthusiasm to life you up no matter who you are or where you are.

If the thermometer showed that the house was cold and everybody was uncomfortable. . .you'd turn up the thermostat, wouldn't you?  It's just as simple to regulate your enthusiasm.  Put sparkle and merriment back into your heart and back into your life!

Whatever those things are that make you glad, remember them.  Take time out for them. . .and watch yourself return to your work with renewed vigor.  All champions know this lesson.  They've tried and failed, but they didn't stay down.  They always turned the enthusiasm up and went right on fighting.

Just read the biographies of successful judges, lawyers, doctors, civic leaders.  The story of the poor boy who became "President" of his company, or even his country, has been repeated many times.  There never was a miracle without enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm is necessary for miracles.  And miracles do happen in daily life every day.  Expect them and you will get them. . .but not without faith.  Keep that faith shining before you lie a beautiful bright star in the night.  When the going gets rough, hold on just a little longer. . .have just a little more faith. . .seek out those who can help you. . .and the way will open up out of the darkness.

Enthusiasm is a tonic which will keep you going through darkness and despair. . .to light and joy and peace. . .which comes as surely as sunrise in the morning!

The best entertainers know what enthusiasm can do on a stage.  You ought to know what it can do on the stage of life.

Enthusiasm works wonders.  A daffodil hat in the spring. . .a Christmas present in green and red. . .a trip to some summer land of oranges and palms.  Ever watch those things change a dull listless person to someone filled with enthusiasm. . .in love with life?  Why wait for the big event?  Make it happen.  Be enthusiastic!

Some people can be more enthusiastic with a few pennies in their pocket than others can be with millions in back vaults.  A cinnamon bun and a cup of coffee with enthusiasm will do you more good than a banquet consumed in distaste and anger.

It's all a state of mind.  Books and magazines are full of success stories of boys and girls who started out milking cows, waiting on tables, working in tomato factories...of actors now famous who were carpenters on the set. . .of playwrights, musicians, or successes in business, who were dishwashers, shoe salesmen, or office boys until the big break came along. . .came along because they managed to keep up their enthusiasm. . .fighting off heartbreak and hunger to live on for big success!  That's how enthusiasm will work for you, too!

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