Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The First Secret...Be Yourself!

The first of seven secrets is Sincerity.  This one quality all by itself will work overtime for you.  It's better than the false smiles and big promises of the petty politician or shabby peddler. . .because it's real!  Sincerity is a quality of hometown folks. . .where everyone knows everyone else.  It's a quality you can trust.

Once upon a time there was a salesman who didn't like dogs. . .and he couldn't get by the household pet.  There was another salesman who never had trouble with dogs.  In fact his interest in the household pet often led to the sale of his product.  But remember, this was a sincere interest!

Sincerity means that you have a real interest in whatever it is that you're doing. . .not just pretending in order to sell something. . .or get something.

The funny part of it is. . .that you will sell your product if you are really sincere.  And the quality of sincerity will get you more, also. . .more of what you want. . .no matter what it is!

This is a rule that works both ways. . .unless you are sincerely interested in others. . .you can't possibly expect others to have any sort of sincere interest in you! 

Sincere interest from others. . .and the help it brings you. . .is a reward for interest given.  It's a profit you can't make without first investing. . .a harvest you can't reap without first sowing the seed.  But still. . .it's one of the safest investments you could make!

If you feel life is giving you fake values. . .ask yourself, Am I being true to my own highest abilities?  Am I really being my best self in all circumstances?

If you are constantly on the watch. . .constantly trying to make the answer to both of these questions "Yes", then you are on the road to a new kind of success for yourself.  It will be a personal success. . .as new friends are attracted to you by your interest in others. . .and your helpfulness.  It will also be a business success. . .for businessmen value honest sincerity. . .and are always on the lookout for it.

Benjamin Franklin a long time ago listed sincerity as his important maxim for making good.  So ought you!  Sincerity is one of the soundest secrets of success you'll ever find!

Next week we continue with Enthusiasm!

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