Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How Friendly Are You?

Think back now to folks you've thought were charming.  Were they all wrapped up in themselves. . .or were they happy in a group?  Did they behave like so many clams, or were they as genial as a Merry Christmas?

Friendly, of course. . .for friendliness is like the invigorating joy of a fresh sea breeze. . .the very secret of charm.  Not faked-up friendliness just to sell something or get what you want. . .but real friendliness based on genuine interest in the people around you.

"I'd be friendly enough if I weren't so shy," you say.  "What can I do about it?"

A good cure for shyness is to remember. . .other people are not thinking about the impression you are making half as much as they are thinking about the impression they are making!  Once you realize this fact you can put them at their ease and influence them. . .if you are sincere.

After you realize this new power within yourself. . .it will change your world for you.  You will find yourself making telephone calls for that church or civic committee and actually enjoying it. . .because people will say "yes" to you!  You'll find yourself standing on your own fee and making sense. . .talking to people. . .not at them!
Even if you have been a clinging vine, a shy wallflower, or mouse instead of a man. . .once you find out you can do it. . .can stand on your own and talk to people in terms of their own interests. . .you'll feel a new power surge through you.  If you keep your feet on the ground and don't let your newly-discovered power turn your head. . .you cannot only become successful yourself, you can help others to succeed.  The big "YOU" and the little "I" formula is a key which will open all sorts of doors to you.  You'll actually find people glad to do things for you.  Get enough of them together in a sound honest enterprise. . .and you have begun to create a center of influence which will keep radiating. 

When you put the YOU attitude first and the I attitude second. . .you are actually tuning in on natural powers. . .using nature's own secret of radiating growth.  Did you ever wonder how nature could be so abundant, could create apparently effortlessly. . .fluted flower petals, speckled frogs, butterfly wings, veined leaves, intricate living beings. . .the wonders of life. 

What does nature start with?  A small nucleus or seed which has the potential Interest in others is like the pull of the sun. . .making the seed send forth sprouts.  You too can reach the light. . .have a robust personality.  Be friendly and see!

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