Friday, February 10, 2012

Chalkboard Idea

This is Hunter, (my grandson) expressing his artistic side.  
I painted chalkboard paint on the inside and outside of our kitchen door when my children were his age. 
Neighborhood kids and missed friends would leave messages on it and now a second generation is taking advantage of it. 
One thing that drove me crazy was that the chalk and eraser would get slapped down on the granite counter tops, leaving a powdered mess. 
Well Ethel went to Eleuthera for her brothers wedding, 
(congrats to Bobby and Lynn) 
and said she saw this great idea for chalk and erasers. 
What timing! I was working on one for Hunters sister, so there would be no fighting. 
See it there to the left of Hunter?
Screwed it right to the side of the cupboard.

Isn't this perfect. The right height for little Hunter,
and my counter is CLEEEEEAN!!!! 
And of course..... 
there just happen to be chili's in the cupboard. 
A staple in every Mexican kitchen! 
They could be wrapped with fabric or painted.  
But I loved the chili cans! 
Here is the one I made for Hunters sister, Raegan.  
In case your wondering what the metal thing is, we have an old home and it is an incinerator.  Paper was dropped down it and burned.  The good old days!!!  
This one I used velcro,(greatest thing since sliced bread)  to mount on the glass tile, and wired it to the board.

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