Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Eat and Sew

Last night the girls got together for a little eat and sew.
 The four of us  Hazel,  Ethel,  Evelyn,  and myself, Mabel.

Here is what I served. 
Ethel and Evelyn must have really enjoyed it,
 they couldn't stop moaning. 
Ethel was licking up and down the side of her fork. 
I think I'll have to give her the recipe,
 then again she doesn't like to cook.  
She'll just request this dish when it's my turn to host again. 

I'm pretty sure Hazel liked it as well, aside from the tomato chunks and onions, 
she just wasn't as vocal as the other two.

Enchiladas and sopa, a Mexican dish.  Of course! 
 And Bread Pudding with Rum Sauce.
It was pretty darn good!!

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