Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Courtesy Counts!

Courtesy is not a luxury in the successful life.  It is a necessity.  You can't afford to be sparing with your courtesies.  Lack of courtesy will surely lead to failure. . .courtesy freely given will surely bring a successful day.  "But to whom should I be courteous?"  Many people ask this question.  The answer is to everybody.  Who are you to assume that the other person is someone of meagre ambitions and importance?  How do you know he doesn't count?  He may be delivering milk at your back door. . .and be the President of the milk company's son getting experience.  The old gentleman who calls at the office occasionally may be a famous scientist or executive of much importance.  If you as a Secretary treat him haughtily and coldly. . .you yourself will show up in a poor light. . .may even lose a job you value.  The office salesman should be treated courteously.

"I don't like the way they treat you in that place," from one person treated discourteously may hurt the reputation of a business which will show up in dollars and cents from sales.  Good will is just one of the values earned by courtesy. 

Amazing, isn't it. . .when you read in wills the cause for the legacy?  He or she was kind.  They held a door open for me. . .and helped me out of a tight spot when all my other friends were dead and gone. . .She gave me a smile of kindness. . .These are true cases, but they should not be the incentive for courtesy.  Courtesy is a reward in itself.  Start out and try to just for one day and you'll want to keep it up.  Because courtesy given is courtesy returned.  It's an easy simple way to make your whole life brighter.

Remember courtesy works at home, too!  Keep your Company Manners.  Be polite to the family.  You'll feel better and they will too.

If you've a high temper and are accustomed to being discourteous. . .this is meant for you.  Did you ever think that you were getting in your own way?  If you're rude to someone, they'll resent it!  Don't blame them or yourself either!  You can be your own best friend or worst enemy.  Which shall it be?  Decide right now.

You can make Courtesy Count for You!

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