Sunday, April 29, 2012


I went to visit my daughter in Portland Oregon last fall,
a city I could easily live in, absolutely beautiful.
And it just happens to have
the largest quilt fabric shop in the country. 
1 acre of fabric.
When I walked in, I just stood there in awe.

Anyway back to the pics below.
I left one morning to go explore the city while my daughter was working and when I returned,
these leaves were turned into art.
With the I beam fencing as a backdrop,
I had to take some pictures of it.
I love when people appreciate what God has given us!

Friday, April 27, 2012

I Need This In My Life

I must have this!
I am in love with it!

Pinned Image
I am a knitter you know!
And I happen to know a fantastic potter,
is that what you call someone
who makes pottery?
Pleeeeease Jennifer?

Monday, April 23, 2012

My Birthday Dinner

Friday was my birthday,
and Ray took my for a night out on the town!

Nothing could have topped this!
Thank you dear for a lovely evening.
Wait a minute...... I think I paid for the tickets!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Baby Alpaca

Some old family friends raise alpacas,
 and this sweet little girl named Bunny was just born.
We were on a ride about and stopped in to see how Bunny was doing. 
She has a birth defect, Choanal Atresia, 
her one nasal passage doesn't open into her esophagus. 
While we were there you would never know anything was wrong, 
she was hopping all over the place.  
Raegan went right after her, that child has no fear of animals, 
while Hunter was a little reluctant. 
He had a nervous laugh the whole time.  
We will have to go out and check on Bunny real soon.

They love to sit on tractors and pretend to drive.

Thanks Miss Dawn and Mr. Mike
for letting us play with your pets.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Proud Woman

You can take the girl out of the country,
But my friend will always be a Vickery girl.
This is her "daughter's" rabbit.
Isn't it huge. 
His head is as big as hers. 
He was strutting his stuff at the fair last year.
I think he got a ribbon.
His feet are so big,
 you'd sure get a lot luck from them.

Friday, April 13, 2012


You all remember Gracie,
And I've stated how she is deathly afraid of storms.
 Not to long ago we had a March thunderstorm,
Poor little Gracie was petrified. 
When the thunder woke me up,
 I knew she would be hiding somewhere.
So at 3 in the morning I go looking for her.
Under our bed she pokes her head out.
I dragged her out, and held her real close.
I texted my daughter in Portland to find out how to sooth her, since she had gone through this when she had her.
She told me to turn the TV up real loud to drowned out the thunder or 
turn up the radio.
Well at 3 am.
I don't think so.
So I hold her under the covers curled around her in a fetal position, covering her ears, and humming to her.
I felt so sorry for her, she wouldn't stop shaking. 
Mind you, I have my head under the covers with her.
When the thunder cracked again, she jumped a little.
All of a sudden I start to smell something.
Thought she let a little stinker
Well the smell didn't go away.
So back out of bed, I pull the covers back. 
Holding Gracie all the while.

There lies 3 little turds the size of quarters.
So as the saying goes,
It scared the s*&# out of me.
That really happens.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Deal of the Year

Last summer Ethel and I went to an on site auction,
in Amherst.
They had this gazebo, STILL IN THE BOX! 
 It went on the block at the very end of the day,
I wanted it for my daughter.  Ethel told me NO, we have no room.  And she was right. We had already filled the truck with a bunch of junk we didn't need.
The auctioneer went down to 25.00.  When he didn't get a response, he said
"I'll take it then"
I just glared at Ethel.
Well, at one of the end of his summer auctions back in town,
guess what is up for sale?


It sold for 30.00, and guess who got it?


I was worth the 5.00 for him to have to haul it back to town.
I stored it all winter for my girl.
Her and I started putting it up Saturday,
who needs men? 
and finished up after Easter dinner.

Can you believe it, just 30.00 dollars.
Screen and privacy drapes.
A steal!

I love our auctions!!!!

Happy Easter Little Girl!

Friday, April 6, 2012


 I went to get something from underneath the sink, 
and we were having a thunder storm, 
crazy in March, 
Gracie is scared to death of them.
 When I opened the door a loud boom went off 
and she ran in.
 Poor thing. She shakes like crazy. 
I have to hold her and hum to her. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

She's Getting The Hang Of It

Ethel is practicing.
Not bad first time out.
She was so excited she sewed the manual to the material while doing free motion quilting.
You go Ethel!

It was worth every dime.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


We'd like you to meet Betty!

Ethel and I went to the quilting expo at the I-X center in Cleveland.
What a great day!
Fabric, machines, and patterns, Oh My!

I love just walking and seeing what is new and exciting out there.  
I can't believe I only spent 11.00.
 (Shhhh, we won't mention how much Ethel spent!)

After seeing this machine Ethel couldn't get it out of her head.
I did talk her into walking away.  
Then she came up missing,  as I strolled back to the area where the machine was,
 knowing full well that's where I'd find her.  
There she sits, leaning into the sells lady, like the close talker on Seinfeld.  
The credit app was sitting there.
She had a glassy look in her eyes. 
I knew she was getting sucked in.

I stood there watching her, willing her to look my way.
All of a sudden she felt the vibes coming from me and snapped out of it.
I walked over to her, gave her a pat on the back, and said 
lets think about this.

She did leave without it! 
I was very proud of her.
She's my gadget girl.
"As seen on TV" 
she has them all.

Then the sighing begins.
Sunday I get a text while I'm in church
All day long, they came.
Well she must have did it in front of her husband too.
He broke down and said

So I get a phone call on Monday asking what I'm doing later in the evening.
Where we going? I ask
To get my machine!!!!
It was like Christmas.

We had to go to one of there other stores to pick up the FREE table
We drove around back to get it and see the dumpster full of goodies.
They are closing in 10 minutes.
So being the junk girls we are, we park one store over and stalk them,
 waiting for them to leave.
Here's Hazel, Ethel's daughter. 
 Gotta break em in young to carry on the tradition. 
She makes us so proud!

Well here's Betty 
I'm sure they will spend many wonderful hours together.
She might even complete a quilt. 

No excuses now Ethel!!

 Janome 7700
Notice how the color matches her sewing room.
That's the first thing she thought of when she saw this.
She is nauseatingly anal about those things.
If it was blue should wouldn't have given it a second look.
Forget the fact that you can press a button walk away and it sews itself.

Look What Ethel Got Me

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What Used To Be

My son lives in Savannah Ga. in a carriage house. 
 He was weeding at the base of his steps and hit something hard,
 when he started to investigate.
 This is what he unearthed.
Can you believe someone covered this up?

That's Hank there helping

Sunday, April 1, 2012

This is my friend Linda. 
And this is her stove/oven.  
It's one of the original ones. 
Everything works on it. 
I am in Love.