Friday, April 13, 2012


You all remember Gracie,
And I've stated how she is deathly afraid of storms.
 Not to long ago we had a March thunderstorm,
Poor little Gracie was petrified. 
When the thunder woke me up,
 I knew she would be hiding somewhere.
So at 3 in the morning I go looking for her.
Under our bed she pokes her head out.
I dragged her out, and held her real close.
I texted my daughter in Portland to find out how to sooth her, since she had gone through this when she had her.
She told me to turn the TV up real loud to drowned out the thunder or 
turn up the radio.
Well at 3 am.
I don't think so.
So I hold her under the covers curled around her in a fetal position, covering her ears, and humming to her.
I felt so sorry for her, she wouldn't stop shaking. 
Mind you, I have my head under the covers with her.
When the thunder cracked again, she jumped a little.
All of a sudden I start to smell something.
Thought she let a little stinker
Well the smell didn't go away.
So back out of bed, I pull the covers back. 
Holding Gracie all the while.

There lies 3 little turds the size of quarters.
So as the saying goes,
It scared the s*&# out of me.
That really happens.

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