Wednesday, April 4, 2012


We'd like you to meet Betty!

Ethel and I went to the quilting expo at the I-X center in Cleveland.
What a great day!
Fabric, machines, and patterns, Oh My!

I love just walking and seeing what is new and exciting out there.  
I can't believe I only spent 11.00.
 (Shhhh, we won't mention how much Ethel spent!)

After seeing this machine Ethel couldn't get it out of her head.
I did talk her into walking away.  
Then she came up missing,  as I strolled back to the area where the machine was,
 knowing full well that's where I'd find her.  
There she sits, leaning into the sells lady, like the close talker on Seinfeld.  
The credit app was sitting there.
She had a glassy look in her eyes. 
I knew she was getting sucked in.

I stood there watching her, willing her to look my way.
All of a sudden she felt the vibes coming from me and snapped out of it.
I walked over to her, gave her a pat on the back, and said 
lets think about this.

She did leave without it! 
I was very proud of her.
She's my gadget girl.
"As seen on TV" 
she has them all.

Then the sighing begins.
Sunday I get a text while I'm in church
All day long, they came.
Well she must have did it in front of her husband too.
He broke down and said

So I get a phone call on Monday asking what I'm doing later in the evening.
Where we going? I ask
To get my machine!!!!
It was like Christmas.

We had to go to one of there other stores to pick up the FREE table
We drove around back to get it and see the dumpster full of goodies.
They are closing in 10 minutes.
So being the junk girls we are, we park one store over and stalk them,
 waiting for them to leave.
Here's Hazel, Ethel's daughter. 
 Gotta break em in young to carry on the tradition. 
She makes us so proud!

Well here's Betty 
I'm sure they will spend many wonderful hours together.
She might even complete a quilt. 

No excuses now Ethel!!

 Janome 7700
Notice how the color matches her sewing room.
That's the first thing she thought of when she saw this.
She is nauseatingly anal about those things.
If it was blue should wouldn't have given it a second look.
Forget the fact that you can press a button walk away and it sews itself.

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  1. oh! I wish I would have known you were going! I have a quilt in the show!
    anyway, great new machine. May she become a close and dear friend.



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