Monday, April 9, 2012

Deal of the Year

Last summer Ethel and I went to an on site auction,
in Amherst.
They had this gazebo, STILL IN THE BOX! 
 It went on the block at the very end of the day,
I wanted it for my daughter.  Ethel told me NO, we have no room.  And she was right. We had already filled the truck with a bunch of junk we didn't need.
The auctioneer went down to 25.00.  When he didn't get a response, he said
"I'll take it then"
I just glared at Ethel.
Well, at one of the end of his summer auctions back in town,
guess what is up for sale?


It sold for 30.00, and guess who got it?


I was worth the 5.00 for him to have to haul it back to town.
I stored it all winter for my girl.
Her and I started putting it up Saturday,
who needs men? 
and finished up after Easter dinner.

Can you believe it, just 30.00 dollars.
Screen and privacy drapes.
A steal!

I love our auctions!!!!

Happy Easter Little Girl!

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