Thursday, June 14, 2012


This beautiful old trunk
needed a little help on the inside.
A very very patience friend of mine, 
asked me to do something to the inside.
I think it belonged to her Grandmother.

As you can see it was a little tired!

A little mod podge, 
my first attempt.
And some fabric.

I held my breath an slopped it on the back side,
there is no way to be neat with this goop.

Once I got it smoothed out, which was pretty easy.
I covered the top with more goop!

Covered the rest of the sides, stood back, 
and gave my self a pat on the back.
Not bad for my first time.

The bottom I put a suede mat.
It turned out pretty nice.

The best part of all!
Peeling the glue of my fingers.
Remember when you were in school,
 and got to use your Elmers glue. 
How you would make a circle on your hand and peel it off, 
and use up the whole bottle doing it?
That's just what I sat doing for an hour afterwards, 
so much more fun than washing it off.

Oh yeah, Lisa your picture is finally finished!
But remember to call first, you know I'm never there!

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