Thursday, June 21, 2012

Norwalk Auction

Last night Ethel and I went to another auction..   
More great times and laughs...... 
 She has been wanting new family room furniture. 
 Sure enough she got it.  Looks like it was custom made for her room.  And is it ever comfortable.  
She also got an Outhouse.  
Yes, an Outhouse, turned tool shed. 
I'm sure she will post a pic of it soon.  It is adorable, 
she put it next to her little garden.
 Here's a picture.

Great deals last night, two families were moving to Florida, everything, and I mean everything was up for sale.  If I was young and starting out, this is where I would have gone to furnish my house.  Most of their furniture came from Arhaus.  Not cheap stuff, and barely worn.  
I will make sure she posts a picture of her family room.

Now! I got....are you ready? 
 An Adjust-Asleep, adjustable bed.  
Poor husband can't sleep in his own bed, because of his back.  He sleeps on the recliner.  Which has been pretty nice for Gracie and I having the whole bed to ourselves. Our other two girls snuggle up to him at night.  He has been wanting one of these for awhile now.  
If you've ever priced one of these, you know what I'm talking about. 
We have a king bed which is 2 twins, and this will be one of the twins.  We put it in the garage until we make the big move. Getting that mattress upstairs was like moving a gigantic amoeba. Not looking forward to the move down. 

Here's Ray giving it a test run.
  He'd kill me if he ever read my blog. 
 I think he likes it, his eyes were closed.  It vibrates too!  Wait!  Maybe I'll leave it in the garage, 
and Grace and I can still have the big bed.  
He'll be fine out there. 
I have the garage door screen for ventilation and my new spool book case for a night stand.  
I'm sure I'll run across a TV at the next auction for him.
YES, I think he will be very comfortable out there. 

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