Friday, June 15, 2012


You all have seen these bags, and probably have them in your cupboard. And I'm sure you have seen the commercial on the BRAND NEW INVENTION individual wrapped freezer bags for food.  Now let's not fall into the trap of advertising.... although... I wish I had thought of it.  Many times I have taken a pack of chicken out of the freezer, and they are all stuck together.  Which takes twice as long to thaw.  And I only wanted two.  So now I'm stuck having chicken for the next week.  Although I have been known to refreeze....No one has died yet!  
Back to the reason for this post, remember I have A.D.D.
This is a great idea, but you don't need to go out and buy the expensive bags. Just use what you already have. I grab a hunk of hamburger, twist the top, and shove about 6 in a gallon zip lock. And I have the individual sizes I need. 
You could even use saran wrap.

While I was looking this picture to put on this post, they had a tutorial on you tube, on how to use these bags..... Are you kidding me!!!!  Are people that stupid!!!   And no I didn't click on it, just to see.
My mama taught me!

I told Ethel today about some recipe, (Yes she is still with us, I know you haven't heard from her in a while.  Maybe this will prompt her to get on the ball and post.) It was a crock pot recipe.  I love crock pot food!!!  And I said how I enjoy cooking in them so much more because of the liners.  She didn't know what I was talking about.  So maybe some of you out there in blog world don't know either.  Best thing since sliced bread.  No clean up!
I haven't found a cheaper way to come up with these yet, short of using a bag you get from your local Drug Mart.......yea..... that may be pushing it!  My poor family if they only knew!!

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