Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Garage Screen

I love my garage door screen!

Got it at an auction, for 31.00.
I looked into getting a new one, 
and the price was up there,
and out of my range.
 I knew I'd run across one at an auction.
You run across everything you could every want. 
You just need to be patient.
When I saw this on the auction site, 
brand new in the box.
I couldn't wait to get there.

I just need to paint and caulk the frame.
I feel like I need a plaid love seat out there,
 a refrigerator, and a TV. I've got the radio.
Wait a minute, am I an old man?

My Pride and Joy love sitting out there and watching the birds come down and eat.
See the bread crumbs out there?

Now I can keep my garage door open into the house.
I get a great breeze through there.
Even the girls like to sit and look out.
Not to worry, I have little pads for them to rest on 
so they aren't on the hard cement.

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