Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Loving Our New Family Room Furniture!

Well as Mabel said last week we got a deal on some furniture for my family room at an auction and are we enjoying it.  
Each one of us now has our own recliner and it looks like it was made for our family room. 

Here you can see our old furniture which was nice and all, but the fabric didn't hold up very well and we all fought over who would get to use the ottoman.
Now here's a picture with the new furniture. 
 So much more comfortable and I like the darker color.

Now we are all comfortable and no more fighting.  Sofa, loveseat (that both seats individually rock) and a rocking recliner chair.  Five recliners in all, yes I suppose you could say we like to lounge in my family!  All in really good clean condition, practically new looking.  Best auction score to date and thanks to Craigslist my old furniture has already gone to a new home.  
Life is good!
P.S.  I'll have to take a closer picture, but I also got the two leaded glass floor lamps next to the loveseat and chair at the auction.  Perfect for doing needlework and hand sewing while watching TV.  Now Mabel and I can rock and sew together side by side!

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