Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yes, I got binoculars. I've always wanted some.  When I would go to the Indians game with my husband, I would rather people watch than the game.  Or I can keep an eye on my neighbor,  you never know what's going on over there with 87 year old Mrs. Decker.  Just kidding!  She a sweet heart.  Pride (Raegan) and I like to feed the birds.  We can get up close and personal with them now. Ethel told me while I was bidding if I didn't get them she had a pair for me in her car.  Look at these, you call these binoculars. She had them in her glove compartment, mine are on the right.  Now those are binoculars!  You don't collapse or fold REAL binoculars.   And why would one need 3 pairs, in her car yet.  Ethel I'm a little concerned. 

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