Saturday, July 16, 2011

Miss Personality

Check this out!
Looks more like she's trying to become the lady of the night. Ethel got this little hand book at the last auction we went to.  She will have to post some of the tips in there.  May come in handy for some of you. We were reading it on the way home, and thanked God we were not adults during that time.   I think we would have shot ourselves.
Ethel is probably still kicking herself about these Shirley Temple dolls. They sold for 3 dollars each. She could have sold them on eBay for about 40.00 each. That would have been a lot of beans to buy more junk. Live and learn Ethel. Maybe there is some tip in your hand book to help you at the next auction.
We'd like to give a big thank you out to Ethel's sister Becky. She has donated some very nice chairs, a couple of mirrors, and a screen.  We will make them beautimis!  That is a word.
Thanks again Becky! 

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