Monday, July 25, 2011

Mabel Still Isn't Thinking Straight

Obviously from Mabel's post you can tell how excited she is about her new sewing machine purchase. So excited that she posted the picture of the machine she DIDN'T get! Here is the actual sewing machine my dear Mabel purchased on Sunday. When I got back in the room after doing my phone bidding I saw they were on the sewing machines and the price was over $100.00. I didn't think old Mabel was even bidding until I saw the professional "nod" of the head from her and before we both knew it the machine was hers. Her heart was beating so fast, but she composed herself. What a fun time. At first when we got there, since there was two machines, we had each talked about getting one. But anyone that has known me with my sewing knows that it's very sporadic at best, so I'm glad the other lady purchased it. In her we found a new auction/sewing friend and Mabel will be keeping in touch with her to discuss their new machines I'm sure.

It was extremely hot, but fun. However, Mabel will pay for the picture of the sweaty tissues stuck to the face. I can't even take offense to it however, since one of my nicknames by my dear husband is "sweaty".

Mabel's going to embroider our work aprons with her new machine. I'll let you know when that happens. She's only on page 20 or so of her new manual so it may be a while!! I'll keep you posted.

Oh, by the way Mabel didn't tell you of her other exciting purchase that day.....Binoculars. She looked like a bird watcher walking around with them over her shoulder. I'm afraid now that she has those everyone better be careful, she's going to be doing recon work on the side!

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