Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday's Vintage Tidbit on Personality!

Well as Mabel mentioned the other day I happened to become the owner of two little books from 1958 by the Bonomo Culture Institute. "How to Develop a More Successful Personality for a Winning and Magnetic You" and "How to Become a More Popular Hostess." So I googled to find out more about them and was surprised to learn that they were very popular little books in their day. They were created by Joe Bonomo who was an international authority on beauty, health, diet and the self-improvement of face and figure. Well I don't know about you but I could use a little help in all those areas! Take a look at Joe back in the day, he was known as the Strongman. I don't know about you ladies but I'm willing to listen to what Joe has to say ~ he certainly got my attention with those muscles! Too bad he still isn't around today, RIP Joe 1978.

So since Joe looks like he knew a thing a too that he could teach us I thought it would be fun to share some of the information in the books, which will take us back to a time when ladies were coming into their own. So lets pull up a chair and talk about your Personality-To Be!

Section One:
This may surprise you....but did you know that your personality is you? All that you are...all that you want to be...all that you can become. This little book is going to show us how personality works! Are you with me? Did you ever stop to think of the difference between failure and success? What makes one man a criminal and another a star athlete....puts one man on a park bench and another behind a big desk? Do you ever wonder why some folk are creators...others are captives? Why some are grouchy and discontented while others rise to heights of happiness? Is there a simple reason? Yes! Personality!

This isn't a personality course to make you a carbon copy of somebody else. This book will introduce you to yourself...a self which you may not have known about before....the person you always wanted to be!

When you help others you help yourself. But you can't be of much help to others until you solve your own be the man/woman you were meant to be.

Now is the time to forget about any worries....fears you may have thought you had....and settle back in your easy chair. Maybe you've studied boxing, acrobatics, sewing and cooking, but you've just put off personality because you thought it might be difficult. The fact is simple as abc. Whether you are actor, artist, cook or candlestick maker...a good personality can open the door to a happier life!
Scientists have come to realize that the one factor..... like the yeast in the bread. The right amount of it makes the bread rise to the top...and if left out or know what happens. Whether you are at the controls of a plane, at the keys of a typewriter, teaching a class, or selling across a counter.... personality can help you. You may have heard a lot of mysterious mumbo jumbo about personality which gives you a lot of tricks and mannerisms for acting like someone else, making you look like a movie star or Napoleon...or anybody at all...but yourself!

I hope you'll forget that nonsense right now. Your real self is a priceless treasure because it's genuine, the real You. In all the universe, there is only one You.

Discovering yourself through the pages of this book is going to be one of the biggest opportunities you've ever had...because you can tune into power right now...this minute. And once you've found yourself...your important place in the big human'll never be lost or frustrated or walk alone again. You'll have the self-confidence and assurance that comes with knowing yourself. You'll have that song in your heart, that lift in your smile. Then you'll really start living! Cordially, Joe Bonomo, Director.

Other than being dated by refering to the typewriter much of what he has to say rings true today. So reflect on his words of wisdom and think about your personality. Mabel and I have so much fun laughing together that I sometimes think our personalities are as one. How lucky we are. I can't wait to share more from my little books with you. Till Next Time.

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