Monday, July 25, 2011

One Hundred and Fifty Dollar Day!

It was so hot on Sunday. Ethel started to wipe her face and it stuck. Miserable, it was dripping off us. Ended up being one of the best days at an auction for both of us though. Ethel got some things she has been looking for at a fantastic price. What would have cost her 600.00, she got for 149.50. Can't mention what they are, its a gift for someone. We ended up doing two auctions that day. We are becoming quite clever. We had our choice between an auction held in air-conditioning or one in a HOT SWEATY COW BARN. We chose the air-conditioning. Problem was we each wanted something at the two different auctions. This was a personal day. The junk business took a day off. There was this sewing machine that I wanted and they had two. I was bound and determined to get one of them. They were just about to start selling the machine and I get a call. It's the other auction house. Ethel's item is on the block. That's shop talk, her item is ready to sell. We have discovered phone bidding. It's a wonderful thing. We can be two places at once. Three, if Ethel doesn't forget her phone next time. The air conditioned place, was the wise choice for that day. I get ready to bid on my machine, I'm nervous. I knew it wasn't going to be cheap.These machines are expensive. Meanwhile, Ethel is outside bidding on her items. My heart is beating so hard. I WANT THIS! Ethel where are you? I need support. They start the bidding at 500.00. Not to worry they always come down. It gets down to 50.00. Up goes #24. That's me. Then someone starts to bid against me. I can't see her, she's behind me. I don't want to be obvious and turn around. I figured if I gave her the mom glare, she might back off. Those glares are pretty scary. Ask my kids. It was just her and I. She got it for 160.00. My limit was 150.00. Only because there was another, and her and I are the only bidders. So I'm thinking I'm getting this other one for 50.00. I start the bid. And then some dwarf starts to bid against me. ARE YOU KIDDING ME, WHERE IN THE HECK DID SHE COME FROM! I look for her, she's so short all I see is her number go up. The glare isn't going to work! Plan B, get aggressive Mabel. I'm nodding and my number 24 is popping up so fast, I decide to just keep it up. I mean business!

SOLD TO NUMBER 24. I was so excited I did a fist pump. Got it for 150.00 my limit. Must have been hers too. On the way home I was looking over the manual. Previous owner wrote on it how much she paid for it. To my DELIGHT the original owner paid 1899.00. Sweet Day for the Junk Girls! Isn't it a beautiful thing!

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