Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Quilt Show

This past weekend we went to a quilt show at Sawmill Creek. Catered more for the long arm quilters. 
And for those of you who aren't familiar with a long arm.
Check out the size of this machine. 
It does the quilting for you.  I am very intimidated by it. 
But I would love someday to own one.  
But with the cost of these, don't see it in my future.

 I took quite a few pictures of the the quilts.  The lighting wasn't the best. But the quilts were quite impressive.
 Some of them were more like pieces of art work than anything else.

 This was one piece of fabric with just quilting 

 Sea Glass

 I think this was my favorite.  Not because I'm into livestock, but the use of the different fabrics on the birds, that made them look like feathers.  I truly appreciate the time and thought that went into this piece.


Buttons were a big part of this quilt, that's what made it.


At least you can tell they are jelly fish!

And for the Rod Stewart fans.
They kept all the concert t-shirts and used them here.

This was another one of my favorites.

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