Friday, September 21, 2012

Mabel's Dead ~ Not Really!

Well of all of our auction purchases I must admit I think this one is the strangest.  
A few auctions ago I busted out laughing when I came across a headstone...yes I said a headstone 
with what name on it, non other than...........MABEL.
  Who'd of believed it.  So naturally I had to buy it for her.  I didn't care what it cost, but as lucky as we are I purchased it for a whole $5.00!  Since it is illegal to buy and sell used headstones we were assured by the auctioneer that this was never in a cemetery, it was just a sample. 
 So here it is placed lovingly into Mabel's landscaping at home (much to her husband's dismay!).

Thank goodness it isn't a real person's headstone because it is for a little girl born in 1905.  It even says Mabel on the top of the headstone but it is kind of hard to see in this photo.

So since Mabel is planning on donating her body to science when she dies (that's a story for another day!), this may be the only headstone I have someday to place flowers at for Mabel.  So I'm so pleased we won it.

Like we've always said, you can find anything at an auction.  Now we just have to be on the lookout
 for one that says Ethel!
  I know we have a sick sense of humor!

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