Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Country Living Fair

Ethel, Hazel, and I 
went to the Country Living Fair 
in Columbus Ohio.
Held every year by Country Living Magazine.
If you've never been, add it to your bucket list.
Well maybe not a bucket list item, but it's fun.
We have a great time every year.
And we've been blessed with perfect weather for the last 4 years we've gone.
I posted quite a few pictures from this years trip.
Hope you enjoy them!

Sorry a little blurry, these are old school charts.
The spiders below were my favorite!
Creepy but cool!

You were only allowed out so far 
beyond your designated space, 
so what else is there to do but go up!

I can make one of these

Everything for the fall decorating enthusiast!
Being there does get you in the mood for the changing of the leaves.

I was surprised
there were only 2 booths that had nativities. 
I purchased the larger of the two.
Big purchase of the day.

They sell just about anything there.
I think if you had an old barn full of stuff, you could bring it here and make a mint

This dress form is covered with buttons 
made to look like a dress. 
Very expensive, but
 very pretty.

Now this one was made with old dress labels.
They were Mod Podged on. 
The skirt has to go though!
Looks like flag football, gone crazy!

Claw tub furniture
Not sure about this!

These are what I go back for every year.
The most precious little jackets. 
Vintage jackets made from old chenille blankets, 
and pillow cases.
I purchased one for my granddaughter the second year I went.  My daughter looked at it and wasn't sure if she liked it.  I told her, just put it on her and she would be surprised at the attention it got.

Yes mother was right! 

Here's the website 

Pin cushions


Broke Back Mountain Chair!

I think I like the chenille on the jacket MUCH better!
And the other two need to find their spot next to a velvet Elvis painting.

Punch Point 
Ethel's new hobby.
She ran to Joann Fabrics Sunday,
 to start a DMC collection.

Think I'm kidding. 
Here's the beginning of it!

Broken dishes on watering cans.

Sorry about the reflection.  
This was all cut out of one piece of paper..

And last but not least 
Ethel and Mabel!

We want this car, it doesn't even need paint. 
Perfect the way it is.

Ethel has added
 having a booth of our own to her bucket list.

That will pass, remember we have A.D.D.

Hope you enjoyed walking through the fair with us.
This is just a fraction of what is there.

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