Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Trip to the Container Store

While in Columbus for the Country Living Fair Mabel and I also stopped at The Container Store.  Oh if only we had an unlimited supply of money I can see how one would be able to get themselves organized.

My big purchase however was the clear over the door shoe rack I had been looking for.  I am running out of storage in my sewing studio so I have to start getting creative.  So instead of using the over the door hooks for the organizer, I used Velcro Command Strips.  I hope the ones I got will hold everything, Mabel wanted me to go to the bigger size, but being anal like I am I liked that the small ones fit on the header of the holder better.

So here it is behind the door.
 And here it is with me starting to fill it up with goodies.  So far so good.  I have four Command Strips on the top and I put three regular adhesive velcro squares on the bottom to keep it from flapping.  Hopefully I won't hear it come crashing down some night.
So now I must get busy searching my studio for more items I can store behind the door.  Oh and the wooden curtain rod is leaning back there because I have yet to sew the curtains for the room.  Right now the yardage of fabric I bought for the curtains is hanging at the window by clothes pins.  Doesn't look that bad so I haven't started that project yet.  But when I do get them done I'll let you know.

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