Friday, September 21, 2012


Tomorrow Ethel and I are going to the auction and this is what we are going for.

As you know Ethel has been looking for a dressing table for Hazel.  All the ones we have found in the past were nice enough, but they went for to much. 
And we would of had to paint it.  
Well we waited long enough, and lo and behold here it is. 
 All painted and it has 
Ethel's name written all over it.
I think it shall be hers tomorrow. I hope no one bids her up, because when she gets that look in her eyes, 
I start to worry.

And here is the pump she wants. 
 She said this auction was meant to be.. 
I'll have to agree

Now this is something I'm interested in.


I don't have a clue, but I like it for some reason. Here is a close up of the letters
We have a cabin out back of our house, and if my husband can hang the score board he got from his high school field, I can hang a railroad sign. 
You have to admit it is pretty neat.
Even if the letters could come off and be 
used for something else.
I think it's going to be mine, unless I come to my senses before now and then.

Something else that caught my eye.
 Ruby Epergne.

Ok, so I had to look that up,
I knew it was a word for some kind of vase,
 and sure enough : 
e·pergne  (-pûrn-pârn)
A large table centerpiece consisting of a frame with extended arms or branches supporting holders, as for flowers, fruit, or sweetmeats  
I love it.
Not a place for it.
But I don't care!

Think I'll put sweetmeats in it.
What ever the heck that is!!!

Remember the sweet little vintage chenille jackets I posted a couple of days ago..
Did I tell you I have a collection of chenille blanket?  
Here's one to add to it.

Some day I'll attempt to make a jacket myself!

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