Friday, August 3, 2012

Bat Alert!

We had another bat last night.  I had fallen asleep with the 
TV on and when I woke to turn it off, it was flying in circles 
around and around with the ceiling fan.
I slithered out of bed and then called Gracie to come out.
Ray fell asleep on the couch, and not happy when I woke him up to 
inform him of our little flying guest.
I went to the garage, got my net and broke my record.
Five minutes, caught and killed.
 Ray stood yelling at me, on the other side of the sheet I 
hung up to keep it confined.
When I was taking it outside to throw with the yard waste
that was being picked up today,  Ray took off running 
downstairs.  What did he think I was going to do throw it 
on him.
 Yea I thought of it, and as funny as that would have been, for me anyhow, he would of had a heart attack!
Then I was up till 2:30.
That's what I get for thinking evil thoughts.

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