Friday, August 24, 2012

Sewing Table

Harriet Husqvarna has a new home!

My machine is not flush with my table and causes a lot of drag. I can't afford one of the expensive ones, where the machine drops down into a hole to be level with the table.

So I made my own.
The whole thing only cost $4.30 for the vinyl, with a coupon of course!

Trace around the machine. 
Cut the hole.

Found some wood stakes in the garage and cut them to the proper height. Screwed them to the base.

I made it larger than the existing table. 
It holds the weight of the fabric while quilting.

Nice and level now.
Can't wait to sew on it!

Now to dress it up a bit.
I was going to paint it, my brother said cover it with fabric.  
I had this in my stash, coordinates with the room.
I have 16 gauge clear vinyl to cover it with, so the fabric glides across. You can also put your pattern instructions under the vinyl, or any special photos.

I'm in love!

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