Sunday, August 26, 2012

Saving The World One Roll At A Time

Yes I am in a dumpster,
it was full of treasures.
Treasures of wall paper.  
Hundreds upon hundreds of hundreds of rolls.
All in perfect shape.  
I was told the night before and didn't go until the next day. It was filled to the top and I was told that people had been stopping by all day. 
I can't imagine how much was thrown away, 
compared to what was still left.  
My friend Shannon and I went.
 Called Ethel and another friend Linda. 
And started sorting.
It was over whelming! 
We went for ourselves and soon found out we didn't really need any of it.  I think we walked away with about 10 rolls.

Here's Ethel, she had dug herself to the bottom,
 loading boarders into buckets to hand out.
The dumpster was up to the rim when we got there.
We ended up loading a horse trailer to the brim,
 for Habitat for Humanity. Took 2 1/2 hours.
Three of us were in the dumpster handing to the 5 outside.
We volunteered to come back the next night and get the rest.  I received a call from them saying it took them 4 1/2 hours to unload the 3000 plus rolls.  
They didn't have room for any more. 
 But thanked us and said they had already sold some.
We were exhausted and filthy, 
but felt good for contributing. 
to such a worthy cause.

I went back two days later and took a peak in.
 They threw MORE away.
Guess where I'm going tonight?
Habitat make room, here we come!

We also saved a puppy from the pound!
7 week old Shih tzu. 
How could anyone get rid of this sweet little girl.
We found a great home for her!
The new owners had just lost their little Yorkie, 
and now they have a new love.

So the last two days we've been scoring points with Jesus!

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