Thursday, August 16, 2012

Crafter in the Making

The first Monday of the month, Ethel, her daughter, and Raegan and I meet at a church of another quilter friend.
 We work on a quilt that is ONLY costing 5.00 for the whole quilt top. That's another post!
Raegan's other Mimi got her a latch hook rug. 
 I was quite surprised at 5 she was able to master it.  
In she comes with it, in a cute little bag.
Well she saw Ethels daughters tote 
and her mommy had one at home just like it.
She's all ready to go now just like the big girls.
She is going to be upset when I tell her there are no more Mondays for her, school will be starting school soon.
Guess we will have to get together another day.

Little brother looks like he's up to something!

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