Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Auction Disappointment

Saturday night Ethel and I decided not to go to the auction.  That decision was made at 10:30 pm. We shouldn't have made that decision when we were tired. 
 I woke up and decided we should go. 
And after her himming and hawing, she was on board. 
 She can't say no.
Well it was a bust, we should have stayed home 
and went to church. 
Or maybe this was God's way of letting us know that.  
The dresser was not a wardrobe in the center like I thought, only the top cubby opened and the rest were regular drawers.  And Ethels piece went for 250.00 or somewhere around there.  Way out of our budget!

Lesson Learned:
Sunday is for Church. 
We Hear and Obey Lord, 
We will be front and center next Sunday!

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