Thursday, July 19, 2012

I Should Have Known

Well I should have known that hot gluing the wheels on the bottom of my magazine box wouldn't work.  The minute I put some magazines in it, one of the wheels popped off.  Then it started tearing up the wood on the bottom, so after repeatedly gluing it on thinking it might work if I try again, I had to come up with another plan.
So I mod podged some fabric on the bottom to cover up the broken wood. 
Purchased some brass screws like I should have in the beginning when I bought the wheels.  You would have thought the wheels would have come with screws!  I had to put a little piece of cardboard under them to make the screws not pop thru to the inside of the box.

And now finally my box is sturdy enough to hold my quilting magazines and books.  And as you can see it now holds Otis the Cat too!  He just loves getting into where he doesn't belong!
All I can say is at least the wheels didn't pop off!
It passed the Otis test!

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