Friday, July 6, 2012

How The Auction World Works

We have recruited a new player to our auction world.
I would tell this friend of ours, about our great finds. She would laugh at me and say you guys are crazy!
Well she decided to tag along last week.  

That's all it took!

She not only went to the one on Saturday morning, 
she also went to the Saturday evening one.

Yea, I'd say she's hooked!

She bid on some dishes in the morning and was a little upset  because she missed out.

I told her not to worry there will be more, and sure enough she found exactly what she wanted at the 4th of July auction.  That was her third auction, in one week!!!
  Ethel and I opted out of that one.  She was flying solo....  no I take that back her honey do went with her. 
 He's also hooked.  
He wanted to buy just because the items went so cheap.

  We are going to a great one this Saturday.
What am I saying........ they are all great!!!
Our recruit said to make sure we call her before we leave.

Here's how we go about picking which auction we want to go to:

Click on

Type in your zip code
A calendar will pop up, that will tell you how many auctions are on that day. 
Click on the day your interested in, 
NOT the live auctions.
All the auctions will be listed and on the right you should see 

Click on that, and you will see what will be at that particular auction. Click on the item to enlarge.  As many photos as there are, remember there is always so much more there. 

Nine times out of ten the auctioneer will start high and drop down until someone places a bid. So don't get anxious and start bidding right away.  We like to sit back and see how low it goes. And then see how many are after it.  But ALWAYS,, ALWAYS have a price limit in mind. Unless you get like Ethel and they make her mad, then she will always spend more than she should have.  
If you miss out, you WILL see it again.  
I promise!

Give it a try and come and join us.
I guarantee you'll get hooked!

If you go post a comment and let us know how you liked it.


  1. I have been to only one auction and I LOVED it! I am afraid to go again as I am sure I will become addicted to it!

    1. I replied but think I hit the wrong button. If you get a double message, SORRY!
      Oh you must go again!!!! Who needs drugs, when you get such a high from bidding. We don't drink, smoke, gamble, or beat our husbands, we consider this our bar. Much more fun and no hangover. I'm getting ready to post the last two items Ethel purchased. Simple pleasures


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