Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dressing Table Redo

This is my dressing room table.
Make-up central.
What a mess!
But this is where the metamorphosis begins each morning.

What a ugly way to start your morning!
But I had a vision!!!

We got these dishes at where else, Auction!
We didn't even want them, they came with a box of other things we were after.
We tried to sell them at our garage sale.
No go!
Had them stacked to take to Good Will, 
and then started playing around with them.
There were plates, candle sticks and tooth pick holders.
All crystal. 

I put them in the dishwasher, and they were beautiful.
A little Gorilla Glue, arranging and rearranging. 
And I think I got it. 
Who says you have to use these for dinner parties.

Isn't this a neat idea!

But after I stood back and admired my new creation, everything else made them look cheap.
I think you'll agree!

So I took everything off, right then and there. Hauled it down to the garage. Now referred to as the East Wing. 
With my garage door screen, we practically live out there.  And remember the bed is still out there.
Went to the "STUDIO"  
found the perfect fabric for the top.
And since I'm a Mod Podge expert now.
Slapped on the goop.

I ran back to my "studio" to see if I had anything for the skirt

Low and behold. 
Found a piece of fabric that was given to me. 
And of course I have the luck of all luck, as some would say. 

But I refer to it as being Blessed

Doesn't it look elegant?

It was a perfect match,
the dark blue lines in the skirt were the same color
as the background with the birds.
It was originally a fabric shower curtain.

Now the crystal dishes have 
a well deserving spot, to shine!!!

I think crystal is even prettier when the lights are dimmed.

The true color does not show here. 
 But the picture taken above in the garage is true.  


I couldn't wait to do my make up the next morning at my pretty new dressing table.
I think I even looked prettier that morning.

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