Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Another Great Auction Find

You may remember when I got my Kitchen Aid, which I considered to be the deal of a life time.
Thanksgiving night I stood in line at Kohls,
 with my coupons, the store discount, and my Kohls cash, and the 30.00 rebate per unit. 
I purchased two for Christmas gifts.  
At the cost of 70.00 each.
  Unheard of!
Now I think I paid to much! 

This weekend, I was at an auction.
And this mixer was on the lot with a microwave.
Now the mixer was dirty, but not food dirty.
Like something sprayed it. 

When it came up for auction, I bid, and as I looked around everyone was
 walking away.
They both went for 10.00.
So I paid 5.00 for a Kitchen Aid Mixer. 
And 5.00 for the microwave. 
 Not a mark was on the mixer. 
You can see her proudly in front of her cousin Pearl.

She didn't have any bowls with her.
Don't worry I'll run across them.
This one is for my oldest.
Happy baking little girl!

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