Friday, October 21, 2011

The Gift of an Armoire

I was looking around at what is now going to be my sewing room, but was previously our den, and was feeling very fortunate.  It used to be decorated in a golfing theme for my husband, but he never spent anytime in the room.  It was also our catch all room, if we didn't have a place for something or I wasn't ready to take it to Goodwill it ended up in the den.  But then one day I got a phone call...............

My Uncle, who is also my Godfather, called me with "an offer I couldn't refuse!"  He had an antique armoire that his great grandfather had built and no one in his family wanted to have it.  Well naturally I was thrilled, (unlike my husband who doesn't understand why I can't say no, because in his opinion we didn't need it).  I may not have needed it, but I certainly wanted it!  Mabel and I can't say no to anything that is offered to us.
It is huge.  4' Wide x 7' High.  Nice deep drawer on the bottom and lots of storage space on the inside.  I don't have it organized inside too much, just putting stuff in there to get it out of the way for now.  Check out the neat peg hangers inside.
There are two of them and they swing out with pegs on the back side of the arm also.
Not too sure on how old it is but it has to be over 100 years.
Needless to say since my husband didn't want me to get it anyways, I didn't make him go with me to get it.  Luckily it was only about an hour from where I live so I headed off with a van to get my new treasure.  We had to carry it down from the second floor so we made a sling out of a tarp and carried it down that way.  It was sooooo heavy!  Thanks goes out to my brother and two cousins who went with me to help get it.  It is just beautiful.  The whole time I was so thankful that my husband wasn't with us lecturing me on why we didn't need this big piece of furniture that we had no place to go with.
Look at the detail on the top of the piece, that's my favorite. All I had to do was put on a new skeleton key lock which I found online at  I've got something I will treasure forever.  Can't wait to have my Aunt and Uncle over to see my new sewing room.  My Aunt is a seamstress too so she will appreciate it.

Just wanted to share what started the whole "creating a sewing room" for me!  Yeah Me!


  1. Ooohhh, how LUCKY you are...a beautiful piece of furniture with family history...what a winner!

    Deborah ♥ (visiting happily from you can stop by and say hi...)

    PS Thanks for the hint of carrying an awkward piece in a tarp...would NEVER have thought of that!

  2. What a wonderful treasure. The wood is beautiful!

  3. That is gorgeous! You are blessed indeed to have a lovely heirloom like this. I'm sure hubby will get used to it!

  4. Oh lucky you! fabulous find!


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