Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Vintage Tidbit Tuesday: Good Health is Natural!

If you could be a picture on a wall in your favorite doctor's office for just twenty-four hours...you'd wake up to the fact that half the cases he has to treat could have been avoided by a simple health program.

Multiply what you'd see from one doctor's office by thousands...and what do you find?  Millions of people every year turning themselves into human guinea pigs when they were meant to be healthy specimens...then expecting the doctor to be some sort of wizard to cure what could have been so easily prevented in the first place!

You may have walked out on those basic health rules in fourth grade hygiene class.  If so, now's the time to tune right back in on them!

Were you expecting something spectacular like artificial light treatments or new drugs?  Those are usually methods of curing you...once you're down and out.  There are some good preventive modern helps, too.  You can buy a vaporizer from almost any hardware store which will purify the air in your home or office building...killing communicable germs.  Your doctor will recommend other helps.

But despite these modern aids, remember...good health is really a natural process.  You ask, "What about new foods like yogurt, or black molasses?"  Fine, but did you know that yogurt is as ancient as the hills?  Now you can buy it at the grocery store.  As for black molasses, boys and girls have been brought up on it for years and years.
Of course there may be new ways of canning foods quickly to preserve their freshness.  Food companies are working constantly to put out better and more nourishing products which are quick and easy to prepare.  Marketing methods bring you oranges and other fruits and foods from far parts of the world.  So in some respects you really are better off than your ancestors.

But the health program is still a must.  You can't substitute stale air for fresh...jitterbug nerves for relaxation and sleep...a gulped and scanty breakfast for a wholesome one, and expect to win out in good health...or anything else for that matter.

If you're really interested in nutrition...get books and magazines about it.. You will find it a fascinating study in itself.

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