Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Vintage Tidbit Tuesday: Your Body is an Instrument!

Exercise, too, is no monopoly of the moderns.  Unfortunately too many moderns seem to have forgotten all about it.  Straining forward with head and shoulders in the struggle to live day by day...we forget to use our other muscles.

If you've been thinking appearance was just clothes, coiffures, or cosmetics...get that false notion out of your head right now.  Clothes and the others do help.  We're all for them...but your true beauty if more than clothes deep, more than skin deep.
No Stradivarius violin is as miraculously constructed as the human body...with its muscles and bones designed for useful function.
Feet with arches to support your weight.  Even your rib cage is like a cathedral arch, and the muscles of your chest and torso form a violin shape.

The most complex telephone or television communication center can't vie with the masterpiece of the human brain.  The finest camera cannot compete with the lens of the human eye.  The human body is a complete musical instrument!

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