Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vintage Tidbit Tuesday: Good Food. . .Tastes Good!

Good food means plenty of leafy greens, fruits, vegetables, butter, milk, eggs, proteins, and all the other essentials.  Unless you're on a special diet...you should be able to eat and enjoy almost any wholesome food.

Avoid crankiness about your food, and don't be a slave to taste.  Take yogurt, for instance.  Did you know it was good for you, but did you try it once and not like the taste?  Did you know there are at least twenty different ways of preparing it from salads, sauces, and fruit cups to pancakes and puddings?

The same holds for a basic food like eggs.  You can find a hundred recipes for them in one book...so it's hardly fair to say you don't like eggs.  How do you know you don't until you've tried some of these other recipes?  All this is by way of saying that getting the proper nourishment can be a very pleasant, even delightful process.  It's one of the real joys...of living!

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