Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vintage Tidbit Tuesday: Poison or Power?

If you went to a market-place and somebody was selling wasps, worthless stones, rattlesnakes and poison...you'd be a fool to buy, wouldn't you? 

Especially when the same price would get you flowers, sunkissed fruits, and wholesome vitalizing bread!

Yet, this is just what you do when you choose worry and hate and fear...because they are mental poison...and mental poison has a way of becoming physical poison.

Poison or Power, which shall it be?  You can have the good things of life...your dreams can come true.  This book is written to help you.

Even if you have never thought about this before...it's not too late to start now.  In fact now's the very time to start!  Across those stepping-stones to dreams come true!

How could Commodore Perry said up to an unfriendly unopened Japan in the last century...and come away laden with gifts and hopes for a treaty?  Because 1) He had vigor and self-respect and wouldn't be pushed around...and 2) He was interested in the Japanese and their country...and so they became interested in him and his country.  He opened a door by friendly interest...and that's how doors are always opened...and kept open.

Because he was healthy...young Marco Polo had good bearing and poise and this gave him self-respect.  But he must have had something more.

The traders who went to see the Emperor were chiefly preoccupied with making a trade.  But young Polo was genuinely interested in the Emperor and his people as well as in the exotic fruits and flowers of the land.  So they opened theirs hearts to him...and let him tour up and down the country as the Emperor's special representative...this was a great honor.

These are just two examples down through the centuries...how interest in others...plus health and poise, character and honor...have brought success.  For these qualities are the foundations for a winning personality...the stepping-stones to success.  Use them now!

Choose Power, not poison...and live a radiant life!

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