Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This is one of the best moments yet!  This friend, we'll call her Shannon again, was on her way to work, running late with 15 things on her mind at once.
Do I have my books? 
Did I grade the papers? 
Did I give my daughter lunch money?  
Driving like a crazy person on her way to teach, she rushes inside to her office.  Her husband also teaches there and arrives just before her.  As she flies in last minute to grab some supplies, her husband gives her a puzzled look, and kindly asks did you do something different with your make-up?  Frazzled and thinking he's making smart remarks, she snaps back, NO HARRY!!!  He throws up his hands, backs away, and says OK!!  She runs down the hall to class, makes a detour to the restroom.  I thank God she did, or she would still be the talk of the school to this day.  As she looked in the mirror, she froze when she saw the reflection that looked back at her.  WHAT ON EARTH!!!!  She got a little closer to the mirror to see what it was. OMG! She realized what she did.  While driving to work she was putting on her makeup and used her lip liner instead of her eyebrow pencil. Yes, she had 2 RED half circles where her blond eyebrows where.  She grabs paper towels and starts to scrub like crazy.  As soon as she gets done with class, I receive a call, the first thing out of her mouth.  "I have a kiwi moment for you."   Well that just starts me to crack up.  She then realizes how mortified she would have been had she walked into her class room.  It would have been Professor BOZO for the rest of her life. And all her dear husband wanted to know was, if she had started to do something different with herself.

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