Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Vintage Tidbit Tuesday: Dwell on the Beautiful

We do have the phenomenon of a mere word causing a physical reaction.  Strange, isn't it?  Yet it happens in daily life all the time.  In primitive days, the body went through certain tensions when danger was close by...these tensions were relieved by facing the danger...fighting the problem right away whatever it was...bear or burglar!

In civilization, law has taken the place of the club and the caveman...and exercise must take the place of more primitive ways of relieving tensions.
The principle works in reverse, too.  Enjoy yourself in sports or hobbies...and you'll actually feel much better.  The enjoyment will do you just as much good as the exercise!

You see, it works this way.  If you hear words that bother you...or think thoughts that worry you...you wind up with stomach ulcers or other ailments.  And this is so unnecessary!  For if you dwell on the beautiful...the uplifting both in body and soul...the opposite will be true.  Be happy inwardly...and just watch the chain reactions start working for you...because of what you choose to read, to think about, and to do.  Just the mere act of smiling...the process of getting absorbed in healthy exercise...can make you into a new man or woman.

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